Make kneading soap yourself for children and adults with these simple instructions

Make kneading soap yourself with a recipe and ideas for design

Make the bathroom in the evening, the evening washing program with the children or regular hand washing even more interesting with a soap that you can play with! Kneading soap is great for this purpose and it also makes you clean. The great thing is that you can even make the kneading soap yourself with just a few ingredients. You can find out exactly how in the following lines. There you will find a wonderfully simple DIY recipe that you can implement within a few minutes. So get started right away and don’t forget to let your kids join in. Because they will have a lot of fun with this project!

Make modeling soap yourself with children

Simple instructions on how to make soap for kneading for children

Since only natural or mild products are used for the kneading soap, the children can help with the production themselves. At the end you can even shape any figures you want out of the soap, which you can later use for washing. You can make soap yourself with children, but not just for your own use. Kneading soaps are also an original gift idea. For example, put together a gift basket from various self-made cosmetic products and add one or the other kneading soap.

The kneading soap should be kept airtight so as not to dry out

If you make clay yourself, you can also use it as a gift for a birthday or another event. Not only children are guaranteed to enjoy the original soap variant. Adults will also have fun kneading and shaping the soap as they wish. And if it also consists of different colors, the joy is even greater for young and old alike. Since it is also made very quickly, it is also perfect for last minute gifts.

Make soapy dough yourself with cornstarch

Make modeling soap yourself as a gift for friends and family

If you want to make kneading soap yourself, you can use the following kneading soap recipe with starch. From this amount you will get about 6 bars of soap, depending on how big you make it.

  • 130 g corn starch or cornstarch
  • 50 ml shower gel or liquid soap (preferably made from natural products)
  • optional: food coloring, essential oil, glitter for food

Put the cornstarch in a bowl and add the liquid soap. Mix both ingredients for the kneading soap with a spoon. If they are mixed up to some extent, continue with your hands. To do this, sprinkle some cornstarch on your countertop (or table) and knead the kneading soap as you would knead pizza or bread dough. The soap should feel drier over time. The goal is a ball that feels dry in the hands.

Make and color kneading soap yourself

Create snail and stars in different colors with a cookie cutter

If you want to make colored kneading soap yourself and use different colors, divide the kneading soap into as many parts as you like (tear it up or use a knife). It is advisable to use gloves to avoid staining the skin. Take a bar of plasticine, press it as flat as possible and put a drop of food coloring in the middle. You can also use soap paint for this purpose. However, this is more difficult to wash off your hands. Now is also the time to add essential oil and glitter if you want.

Fold the piece several times to trap the paint inside. Then knead the bar of soap well so that the color can spread well. Repeat these steps with the other bars of soap. From the finished soap you can now shape any figures you want, as shown in the picture above. Do this free-hand or use cookie cutters after you have rolled out the soap as thick as you want.

Make modeling soap yourself – ideas for design

The soap for kneading can be shaped in any way - idea with U-Boot

Aside from cookie cutters, you can also use other tricks and techniques to make interesting soaps. For example, you can roll out several colors in a rectangular shape and then superimpose them. Then roll up the layers of soap to make a roll which you then cut into slices. The result is colorful snails. If you want to turn soap with a marble effect, simply take a piece of plasticine of any number of colors and knead them together. But don’t overdo it with kneading, because at some point all colors will mix into one.

Make kneading soap yourself in pastel colors and shape into balls and stars

If you want to give modeling soap as a gift, you can not only cut out beautiful shapes, but also come up with other decorations. For example, if you have added lavender oil, you can decorate the finished soap with dried lavender flowers by simply pressing them gently into the soap. Of course, this also works with other flowers such as roses or pansies. Let your imagination run wild!

Oil as an ingredient for the modeling soap DIY

Mouse tinker with homemade soap dough for children and adults

If you want kneading soap that is particularly pleasant on the skin when you use it, you can also add coconut, almond, jojoba or another favorite oil to the recipe if you make kneading soap yourself. In this case, when making soap with children, simply replace half of the liquid soap with the oil. All other steps and quantities remain the same.

Kneading soap shelf life

Soap blocks for kneading in strong colors with matching containers

Especially if you use natural ingredients, the kneading soap will of course not last as long as bought soap. However, it can be used for a few weeks without any problems. Since the children particularly enjoy bathing with it, it is used up very quickly in most cases. However, you can extend the shelf life a little by adding a pinch of salt to the recipe. In addition, you should always keep the soap in an airtight container (e.g. in a jam jar). Otherwise the soap will dry out and crumble quite quickly.