Make jewelry storage yourself – 30 jewelry stands

Jewelry storage-do-it-yourself-washi-tape-making-ideas

If you’re into crafting, then you’re sure to enjoy this article – we’ll show you 25 ideas on how to do it Make jewelry storage yourself can. The original jewelry stands guarantee that order will reign in the bedroom and that you always have an overview of your jewelry collection.

Make jewelry storage yourself – old wooden boxes and shoe boxes as jewelry stands

Jewelery store old shoebox ring holder fabric

If you want a stylish one Make jewelry stand yourself then you don’t necessarily have to spend big. Often there are many items in your own house that are otherwise not used. And so the old shoebox can be transformed into a jewelry box. Wooden wine boxes for storing jewelry also look beautiful.

Make jewelry storage yourself – drawers are upcycled

decorate old drawer wallpaper

Old drawers can be a real eye-catcher – simply sand them down with sandpaper, repaint them and then stick wallpaper inside. The drawers are then simply hung on the wall.

Make jewelry storage yourself – put old picture frames in the limelight creatively

Jewelry storage flowers beautiful idea vintage style

Picture frames become excellent jewelry stands – simply attach string or lace to them and hang the earrings on them.

Funny jewelry stand made of plasticine

Make modeling clay cacti yourself, tinker with ideas

Hard to believe, but true – these cute cacti were actually made from modeling clay – and then arranged in old cream packs with stones. You can even leave this handicraft idea to the children – they are sure to have a lot of fun!

Elegant jewelry stand in gold

make yourself plaster hand ring holder

This jewelry stand was not bought, but simply made at home. First a pair of rubber gloves was bought, then a plaster mixture was poured into it. As soon as the plaster of paris dries, the rubber glove is removed with scissors. Then the plaster figure was sprayed with golden spray. complete!

Make jewelry tree yourself from tree branches

Tinker jewelry stand paint tree branches whiteThis handmade plate is made of clay, the giraffe is a toy and was glued to it.

Hang up decoration ideas on a plate Make sound yourselfDrawers from the old kitchen embellished with scraps of wallpaper

Drawer jewelry storage Make jewelry stands yourselfTobacco or wine boxes made of wood for storage of jewelery

Upcycling trend wine box wood cool idea vintagePorcelain dishes find a new application – this time as a jewelry stand

Jewelry stand ideas old ceramic cups platesCool idea for jewelry stands

Ceramic figures unicorn ring holder ideas vintageAdvent calendar made of cardboard finds a new application

Jewelry storage cardboard handicraft ideas paint yourself

Make ring holder ideas rustic style yourself

Jewelry stand tennis racket decorated craft ideas

Jewelry box old new decorating ideas

store vintage trinkets, wallpaper, hangers, picture frames

Creative use of old clothes pegs and paper holders in the kitchen

Jewelry tree make jewelry stand ideas yourself

Make jewelry storage yourself wood milling decoration living room

Tinker ideas jewelry stand natural materials

old picture frame ideas cool design

Handicraft ideas, paint the clay shots in bright colors

make ideas yourself earrings bracelets

Ideas jewelry stand ring holder trinkets


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Jewelery storage-do-it-yourself-use-old-drawers-picture frames

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