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Flower baskets are a wonderful and atmospheric accessory for private and public areas, for indoor and outdoor gardens. They are not only a joyful eye-catcher, but also very practical – no space on the floor is occupied. Would you like one Make hanging baskets yourself, you first have to decide on a certain green plant or flower. Plant types that grow downwards or flowers with large flowers – for example petunias or begonia are very suitable as hanging plants.

Make hanging baskets yourself – hanging decoration

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If you don’t have that much space on the balcony and terrace and still want to decorate them, you can set special accents with hanging flower pots and also save space. The classic hanging pots are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials: made of clay, basket, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics. Who a particularly attractive Make hanging baskets yourself can use plate moss as a planting vessel. This results in very interesting arrangements that quickly become eye-catchers.

Make unique hanging baskets yourself

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Would you like one Make hanging baskets yourself, you need the following materials: flat moss, potted plant with soil (not every flower likes the same soil, there are special lead soil in specialist shops), wire, ribbons, decorative chains or nylon cords, a fruit bowl. If you like, you can decorate the hanging basket with bows or rings.

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So how can you get such an unusual Make hanging baskets yourself? The cords are placed in the bowl, then the plate moss is placed with the green side down and finally the plant with the soil. So that the plant does not tip over, you add more moss and potting soil. The cords are fixed in the middle and knotted. At least 3 strings should run down the slab of moss and unite at the bottom. At the end, the hanging basket is hung on a string and attached to the ceiling. One still has to make sure that the plant is supposed to be watered regularly.

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