Make funny doormats yourself – decoration ideas for the house entrance

Craft ideas doormats yourself make wood rope

We show you creative craft ideas, how to make fun ones Make doormats yourself can. They are quick and very easy. Whether made of wood, rope or fabric – the designs look imaginative and give the house entrance a personal touch.

Make doormats yourself – different shapes and designs

Doormat rope yourself make a beautiful decoration apartment

You can turn your old mats into new ones Make doormats yourself. Buy a very common and inexpensive doormat – and cut it out in a cloud shape. Semicircular floor mats can be turned into different fruits with color sprays – watermelon, lemon and much more.

Instructions for the rope doormat

Doormat knot rope make yourself instructions design

 Cut out different motifs from paper – doves, stars, or even 3D figures. The prism, for example, is created very easily, but creates an optical illusion similar to the 3D street images. Mark the contours with a pencil and then fill them in with color. Don’t forget to write a nice message for your guests – you can decorate even the simplest doormat with a simple marker.

Make doormats yourself – designs for the house entrance

Doormat wood decoration ideas house entrance rainbow colors

Surprise your friends on the doorstep- you can use wooden ones Make doormats yourself. Put a wooden doormat in front of the front door and welcome your guests with a creative design. It is a cool idea to dye wooden floor tiles in different colors. For hobby craftsmen the next idea comes up – build a wooden lattice and then paint the individual parts in bold colors. The last doormat was made of rope – the perfect addition to the maritime-style decoration. A quick guide with photos can be found below.

Wooden doormat – cut pieces of wood of the same length the end

Make doormat wood yourself Instructions step 1

Pierce the pieces of wood and use a metal

Wood doormat details handicraft instructions step 2

Color template – colorful design

House entrance wood lattice doormat build yourself color scheme

Lettering Hello – according to a template

Hello writing marker doormat decoration ideas

Step mat with heading

Lettering hello doormat design ideas pencil

Prepare the template in a mold and then paint the doormat with spray

Coloring doormat decoration house entrance idea

Door mat made from Bangkirai wood

Doormat Bankirai wood coloring craft ideas household

Door mat with 3D effect

Tinker decoration ideas house entrance prism doormat yourself

Funny designs imitate fruits

Handicraft ideas house entrance doormat coloring fruits

Tiles made from Bangkirai wood with lettering

Wood doormat do it yourself floor tiles Bangkirai

Doormat in the shape of a cloud

Handicraft instruction doormat cloud shape

Sweet doormat – quick craft idea

Cut out the cloud shape doormat