Make diaper cake yourself with a difference – 20 creative figures with instructions

Whether for the baby shower or the birth of the baby. Cakes made from diapers are now simply part of it and are definitely not only a funny, but also a useful gift idea. If you would like to make a diaper cake for a certain occasion, then instead of the classic cake or tower shape you can choose a more unusual shape that leaves a particularly interesting impression on all guests.

Make diaper cake yourself quad-atv-wheels-diapers-blue-boy

If you make a diaper cake yourself out of Pampers, there are a variety of ideas that even beginners can easily imitate. We have put some of them together in today’s article.

Make diaper cake yourself – tinker an owl

Make diaper cake yourself owl-pink-fabric-eyes-drooling bib

The owl is a very popular figure for diaper cakes, and it’s also easier to make than you might think. If you want to make this diaper cake yourself, in addition to diapers you also need any piece of clothing for babies (e.g. a blouse), as well as a drool bib, tights for babies and strips of fabric for the eyes. From all these things you then create the individual elements of the owl.

Make diaper cake yourself purple-eye-blossoms-sewing-simple-idea

If you want to make the diaper owl yourself, it is best to start with the eyes. These are sewn, but it’s really easy. Shape flowers from a strip of fabric and button them up, or use ready-made fabric flowers. In general, artificial flowers are a great alternative to sewing eyes. Maybe you will find suitable, ready-made flowers for handicrafts. Glue these on clothespins.

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DIY diaper cake eye owl tutorial

The next step in the instructions for making diaper cake yourself is the rest of the eyes that you make out of diapers. Unfold one diaper at a time, then roll it up. Use a rubber band to hold the rolled-up roll in place. Before you can continue working with these two roles, you need to prepare the owl body.

Make diaper cake yourself body-tinker-baking-mold-aids

The best way to shape the diaper cake like an owl is to use a baking sheet or similar round container. Arrange the diapers in it as shown. You can also fix this circular shape with a rubber. Then take the body of the owl out of the tin and also take the eyes and the bib to hand, because you will work with them next.

DIY diaper cake tinker-owl-instructions-easy

Place the drool bib on the owl’s body so that it overlaps a little. Put your eyes on the same end and tie the whole thing first with a rubber and then with a ribbon. In this way, the bib can no longer slip. Now stand the owl upright and pick up the item of clothing you got.

Diaper cake yourself make steps-beak-cloth-sock-fast

Put it over the owl and shape ears. You can use bobby pins or paper clips for this. Also, clamp the garment between your eyes and body to create the shape of an owl. With the tights you can then shape the beak, which is simply inserted into the hole between the eyes and the body. The fabric eyes with the buttons are in turn fastened with ear sticks, which you bend in advance like the letter “U” and insert into the diaper eyes.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-gray-owl-ribbon-baby bib

You can use the choice of color to clarify whether the diaper cake is intended for girls or boys. While the first idea is more suitable for girls, this example can be used for both genders or if the gender is unknown. Also interesting is the way the eyes were designed here. Use any objects that are reminiscent of owl eyes. However, it should ideally be possible to use these as well.

Homemade birth gifts – ideas with a lantern

Diaper cake-make-yourself-hot-air-balloon-lampignon-paper-party-decorations-tinker

If you want to make such a diaper cake yourself from Pampers, you also need a square box, a lampignon, wooden sticks and any ribbons and decorations. The box is supposed to represent the basket of the hot air balloon and is disguised and filled with diapers. Decorate the paper lampignon as you wish, insert the wooden sticks into the corners of the box and gently press them together at the other end so that the lampignon can be turned up. Let go and the “balloon” is already firmly in place.

diaper-cake-make-yourself-carriage-lampignon-princess-pink-fairy tale

With a lampignon you can also make a pamper cake in the shape of a carriage. The wheels also consist of diapers and can be covered with fabric or paper as desired. Wrap the diapers there, for example, around kitchen paper rolls. You can enlarge the opening of the lampignon so that small gifts can be stowed more easily in the carriage.

Diaper cake as a snail – instructions for two variants


If you want to make a snail again, you have two options. For the example above, you will make the snail body out of paper. Attach elastic band to the paper body as shown. Roll up the diapers and stack them one on top of the other between the paper and the elastic to form a pyramid. The knots of the rubber band also form the snail’s eyes at the same time. This way you can tinker several snails.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-snail-easy-tinker-pink-white-snail shell

Another variant is to arrange the rolled up diapers in a spiral if you want to make a snail diaper cake yourself. You can also use two colors here. Tie a tape around the diapers to hold them together. For the head, you can roll two diapers into a roll. So she becomes bigger than the others. Pipe cleaners are very suitable for the feelers.

Make vehicles as diaper cake yourself

Diaper cake-make-yourself-tricycle-blue-white-tie-instructions-diapers

If you want to make a diaper cake like a tricycle yourself, these instructions are very useful. The way the wheels are made can be used for other types of vehicles as well, as you will see below. The wheels are then attached to each other with a hose made of fabric. You can use a baby blanket for this, for example.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-motorcycle-bike-plush-animal-decoration-hippopotamus

You can also make a diaper cake as a motorcycle in the same way, only then you only need two wheels. The finished pamper cake can also be provided with a plush toy, which is an additional gift. A motorcycle is the perfect idea for boys. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made for girls too. If the father, for example, likes to ride a motorcycle, the idea is just as suitable.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-djeep-off-road vehicle-car-inspiration

It is a little more complex to tinker a car. A cardboard box can be used as a basis. An old shoebox, for example, is perfect. With a little imagination, the remaining elements are designed next to the wheels and the box is covered with fabrics. The headlights here consist of pacifiers, but can also be tinkered with baby bottles by pointing the bottoms outwards.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-tractor-inspiration-colors-diy-gift-baby shower

This diaper cake as a tractor is intended for a girl, which proves that vehicles are not only suitable for boys. Use a wide variety of objects and products for babies to make a pamper cake yourself. You can share such a gift idea with several people if many things are used for it and the whole thing would be too expensive for just one person. Then you can make the diaper cake yourself together. Certainly everyone can contribute with creative ideas.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-locomotive-train-pink-girl

You can also make wheels for a train from diapers, but each wheel consists of only one or two diaper rolls. A blanket, bib and baby socks were also used for the example. The train cabin, in turn, consists of packaging for baby wipes that are covered with fabric. Other packaging is of course also suitable.

Make nautical diaper cake yourself

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-boat-ship-idea-kitchen roll-flag

The perfect diaper cake for the boy is also this ship, which consists almost entirely of diapers. The chimney was made from a paper roll, while fabric imitates smoke. This idea can also be made quickly with the right materials. It is best to use shades of blue and white. If you want the ship to be feminine, use pink again and yellow for a neutral look.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-diy-felt-decoration-maritime-ship-sails

You can make this diaper cake yourself even easier. Just make a round shape that you cover with a net and ribbons. You can then design suitable motifs from foam rubber or felt, such as a steering wheel and a small sailing boat. The boat can even be used wonderfully as a decoration for the baby room after the party. So it’s not a bad idea to design the pamper cake to match the theme of the nursery.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-nautical-idea-steering-wheel-maritime-wall-decoration-wreath

A wonderful alternative to the classic pamper cake is also this steering wheel for the wall, which can be used like a wreath. The idea is really creative and can, for example, be tinkered with a styrofoam ring. You then skewer long kebab skewers in a cross shape through these rings and at the same time put diaper rolls on them.

Other craft ideas with diapers


These mini diaper cakes are particularly quick and easy to make and the expectant or new mum not only receives some diapers, but also a nice stand for muffins and cupcakes. You need paper cases in any color, in each of which you put a diaper roll. You can also decorate these with beautiful flowers.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-stroller-idea-wheels-pampers-gold-crown-paper

Although this stroller looks quite complicated, this idea is not difficult either. Of course there are again different variants and possibilities, but the basis with which you can shape a diaper cake as a stroller can be found in the following instructions. Prepare a shoe box of any size, ribbons and fabrics.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-cradle-tinker-box-cardboard

If you want to make the diaper cake yourself and make a bed, either shorten the bottom of the box or the lid a little and then place it in the other half of the box. You can fix the whole thing well with a hot glue gun so that the boxes don’t slip. Then cover the box with fabric inside and out. Hot glue is again great for attaching.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-cradle-bed-baby-instructions-tinker

Then roll up lots of diapers and secure them along the outsides with the help of an elastic band. Once you’ve got around the whole box, cover the upright box with diapers. To decorate everything with ribbons, fabrics, bows or whatever else comes to mind. So you can make a diaper cake yourself as a cradle. And then all you have to do is add wheels for the stroller.


You can even make a diaper cake yourself in the form of a cactus. It is best to tie the individual roles together in groups of three. Then it will be easier to work with them. As it is well known that cacti can have a variety of shapes, there are no rules for this. Design the cactus the way you like it best. You can also decorate with ribbons and flowers.

Make diaper cake yourself shoes-baby-purple-fabric-loops

You can also use a shoe box to make baby shoes out of diapers. There is no need to sew for the idea. All elements are simply plugged in and tied. This is also a great idea for wrapping many other gifts in addition to diapers. Use baby clothes and blankets again and fill the shoes, i.e. the boxes, with diapers or other gifts.

Diaper cake-make-it-yourself-original-umbrella-decoration-transparent-april weather

Why not opt ​​for the classic diaper tower. you can at least design this in a special way. It is best to come up with something suitable for the respective season. The idea above, for example, was designed for a birth in April and is meant to symbolize the capricious April weather. Instead of an ordinary umbrella, a model for the stroller can also be chosen as a gift.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-tub-baby-bath-duck-shampoo

This bathtub, which you can make yourself as an alternative to the classic diaper cake, is also very funny. The idea is particularly suitable if you want to give away bath products for the baby. Fill the diaper tub with plenty of cotton wool to imitate bath foam. The shower head also consists of diapers. Then put all bath products and why not some bath ducks in the middle of the cotton wool

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-flower-bouquet-materials-beginner-tinkering-idea

You are also welcome to make a diaper cake as a bouquet of flowers yourself. Take a nice vase and, if it is transparent, fill it with nice fabric or tissue paper. A styrofoam ball ensures that the homemade flowers stay in the right position. First form the desired number of diaper rolls for the bouquet.

Diaper cake-do-it-yourself-flower-tinkering-instructions-blue-white-boys

Then put a kebab skewer in each diaper. You then stick the flower obtained through the ball into the vase. So that the rubbers with which you have designed the rolls are not visible, fill the oily bouquet with decorative fabrics or tissue paper in any color. You are also welcome to use colored diapers for the bouquet.