Make colorful decorations yourself – idea for vases with blackboard paint and flowers

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We present you a trendy decoration idea to make yourself, which had already caused a sensation in the USA – Vases with blackboard paint. The irresistible designs leave plenty of room for the imagination. You can surprise your favorite people anew every day and write sweet messages. We hope you enjoy doing handicrafts – you can find the instructions below.

Vases with blackboard paint – this decorative idea refreshes the house

colorful blackboard house decoration

materials – clear glass vase / or a plastic bottle, or a glass cup with a suitable shape /, colorful blackboard paint / green, yellow, orange or pink /, special color for glass, plastic film, paper, cutting knife, chalk, paint rollers or brush.

Materials decoration yourself make blackboard paint

Crafting instructions:

Cut a shape out of paper / for example a circle, triangle, rectangle or star / in which you want to apply the blackboard color later. Glue the shape to the vase with double-sided adhesive tape and tape the glass around the shape with adhesive film / packaging film /. Then remove the paper. At this moment, the whole surface of the vase should be covered with adhesive film, except for the shape. Now you have already protected the rest of the surface from the paint and can apply the blackboard paint.

Cover the vase with adhesive film

Make decoration yourself

The blackboard paint can be applied to numerous surfaces such as plastic, metal or wood. To make it last longer on the glass surface, you can first apply a special paint for glass as a primer / they are sold as a spray /

Apply blackboard paint and allow to dry

Handicraft instructions vase blackboard paint pink

Correct the shape if necessary

Make your own decoration and let the paint dry

The biggest advantage of these sprays is that they dry out quickly. Then you can apply the blackboard paint – and let it dry. When it is completely dry, you can remove the adhesive film

Vases with blackboard paint – decoration idea with flowers

Arrange vase flower arrangement

Take inspiration from these examples – they show what you can write on the chalkboard. Messages of love, or simply welcoming the guests. Sweet or inspiring phrases, or quotes from your favorite book – anything is possible. the Vases with blackboard paint is a simple and quick decoration that will surely freshen up the house.

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