Make Christmas gifts for men, friends and family yourself

Tinker Christmas gift ideas

Ideas to do your own handicrafts – Gifts for men, Friends and family that are easy to make and suitable for both Christmas and the New Year. Show your favorite people how much you appreciate them.

Gifts for men, friends and family – calendars with family photos

Family photo calendar gift ideas

Our Gifts for men, Friends and family start with a simple but very loving idea – calendars with family photos. For unforgettable holidays and an unforgettable year, you can prepare funny photos with your family and have them printed on a calendar. You can buy a simple calendar template, print out the photos, and then just stick them on the calendar. A particularly suitable gift that will remind everyone of love and good times.

Gifts for men, friends and family – family tree with templates below


Another great idea for Gifts for men, Friends and especially for your own family is to design a family tree as a decoration in the living room. The family tree can be fun, and is a great way to spend quality hours with your kids – you can buy a tree wall decal and then decorate it with family photos, or you can use our templates below / Quelle – family tree template / to spend good hours with the children.

Gifts for men, friends and family – travel collage

Photo collage travel gift idea young family

More nice craft ideas and Gifts for men, Friends and young families – create a large travel collage for you – of the places they have already visited together with photos, or of the places they would like to visit together. You can decorate a wall entirely as a collage. A particularly suitable gift tip for young families, for men, for students and for all friends!

Gifts for men, friends and family – floor lamp with an interesting design


We have great craft ideas for everyone who Gifts for men looking, presented – a floor lamp that is perfect for a bachelor’s apartment from a car lamp and with matching wooden legs. This lamp will clearly show how much you value the person.

Craft idea – gifts for men – mouse pad with tutorial below

Gift ideas-Christmas-men-mousepad-tinker

You need the right color, a plain white mouse pad and a bit of imagination. First, draw the motif on a sheet of paper, cut out the pattern. Paint the mouse pad a light neutral color and use the template to draw the pattern – tutorial can be found below.

Make bookmarks yourself – gift idea with template below


The last idea is to make bookmarks – a template for cutting can be found below. You can decorate the bookplate with photos and prepare a nice present for your friends that will always remember you.

Photo calendar – nice gift idea

Family Photo Calendar Gift Idea Christmas

Family tree templates

Family Tree Children Gift Ideas Christmas

Craft ideas for Christmas with children


Gift ideas for Christmas – do handicrafts with the children


Family tree as a wall decoration in the children’s room

Family tree template craft idea

Collage from trips with family and friends as decoration

Photo wall travel coulage

Photo collage as a gift

Photo collage gift idea christmas friends

Gift ideas for men – floor lamp

Make your own floor lamp

Gift ideas men-do-it-yourself-mousepad


Painting the mouse pad – tutorial

Craft ideas-Christmas-gifts-men

Craft ideas – gifts for colleagues – mouse pad

Craft ideas-mousepad-gifts-men

Christmas gift idea – bookplate – template


Sweet idea – bookmarks with family photos

Photo bookplate gift ideas Christmas