Make children’s kitchen accessories yourself out of felt – ideas & instructions

children's kitchen accessories roast-felt-Brussels sprouts-carrots

We have already presented you with a few easy-to-follow instructions for building children’s kitchens. If you have built one of these or another play kitchen, you may still need the necessary accessories for the children’s kitchen. And here, too, we would like to help you again by offering you some instructions, ideas and inspiration. Would you like this Children’s kitchen accessories do it yourself, all you need is felt and styrofoam, glue or a sewing machine.

Make children’s kitchen accessories yourself – food

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The ideas consist of different types of food. The children’s kitchen includes accessories such as vegetables, cakes, pizza, bread and even pasta, which are even very easy to replicate. Make your child happy by equipping the new kitchen for children with funny and real-looking accessories.

Children’s kitchen accessories – tips for the dishes

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The cookware for the children’s kitchen and the children’s kitchen utensils are best bought. So that there is no risk of something breaking and injuring the children, choose self-made felt dishes, wood, metal or buy plastic dishes. There are many different variants with a playful look. Buy the dishes together with the child and let them have a say in the choice.

Cut and sew pasta

children's kitchen accessories wooden-fork-pasta-diy-inspiration

Noodles should not be missing as a play kitchen accessory. Of all the possible foods, these are probably the easiest to make. If you would like to sew pasta as a children’s kitchen accessory, first get felt or other fabric in matching colors.

Materials for the DIY accessories

children's kitchen-accessories-cutting-board-scissors-textile-needle-yarn

To make these children’s kitchen accessories, you will also need serrated scissors (for the Farfalle), as well as a needle and thread. Don’t be scared if you don’t know how to sew. No professional skills are required for the pasta. Even beginners will be able to easily imitate these kitchen accessories for the children’s kitchen.

Fun for the kids

children's kitchen accessories sewing-butterfly noodles-easy-inspiration

If you make these accessories for the children’s kitchen yourself, even your children can help. Cut the felt fabric into small rectangles, with the shorter sides jagged. Then fold the pasta in half as shown and sew the folds together. You already have the first butterfly noodle as a children’s kitchen accessory.

Colorful colors

children's kitchen-accessories-tinkering-pasta-farfalle-colorful-instructions

There should never be a lack of bright colors in children’s toys. Therefore, you can design the Farfalle in different colors and create a colored mix. You can lend your little ones a pot for “cooking” from your own kitchen.

Simple idea

children's kitchen-accessories-bag-make-yourself-children-play

As is well known, noodles come in a wide variety of forms. How about if you also tinker different variants for your child. The ribbon noodles are probably the easiest to make. You can get this by simply cutting the fabric into narrow strips. You can also pack the children’s kitchen accessories.

Plastic eggs

children's kitchen-accessories-instructions-diy-sewing-machine-eggs

Plastic eggs can be bought ready-made. However, you can easily expand it by sewing fried eggs from felt as accessories for the children’s kitchen. All you have to do is sew a round piece of yellow felt onto an equally round but larger piece of white felt. You can also use glue for many versions of the children’s kitchen accessories.

Sew fried eggs yourself as an accessory for the children’s kitchen

children's kitchen-accessories-eggs-tinker-fried-egg-plastic

If you use glue, be sure to choose one that is not harmful. Smaller children in particular like to put their toys in their mouths. And since this is food, it can happen quickly. The children’s kitchen accessories must be child-proof.

Ice cream for the summer

kids kitchen accessories ice cream sandwich styrofoam idea

Ice cream is one of the children’s favorite delicacies. Therefore, accessories should not be missing from the children’s kitchen. You can make this kind of sandwich ice cream out of styrofoam. Use plastic, wood or thick cardboard for the waffles. Glue is also needed here again.

Paint accessories

children's kitchen-accessories-accessories-toys-summer-dessert

The styrofoam is painted in the necessary colors. Use pink for strawberry ice cream, brown for chocolate ice cream, and light beige or white for vanilla. The same goes for the waffles. Here, too, your child can take part again. It is guaranteed to have fun tinkering with children’s kitchen accessories. Then glue the waffles to the styrofoam.

DIY scoop of ice cream in a waffle

children's kitchen-accessories-ice-cream-tinkering-textile-children's-play area

Paper is also suitable for implementing various ideas for children’s kitchen accessories. You will need construction paper that you shape into a cone. The ice balls can be made of any material. the easiest would probably be pompons. Here you can let your imagination run wild.

Felt water ice

children's kitchen-accessories-popsicle-stick-girls-children's room-furnishing

Which kid doesn’t love water ice? This children’s kitchen accessory is particularly easy to tinker with, again with glue. Use two layers of felt to secure the popsicle stick in between. Make lots of colorful ice cream flavors so that your child has enough to offer when their friends come to visit.

Refreshing game dessert

children's kitchen-accessories-do-it-yourself-water-ice-colorful-colors

So that the children don’t get bored of the children’s kitchen accessories too quickly. As many different things as possible should be made. Individual parts that can be put together individually and differently each time are ideal for keeping children interested and stimulating their imaginations.

Sew pizza

children's kitchen-accessories-pizza-toppings-paprika-mushroom-dough

You can make a felt pizza very versatile. As a children’s kitchen accessory, you can easily make different types of toppings: peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, cheese or salami. The easiest way to sew the pizza itself is to make it round and then cut the individual pieces instead of shaping the individual pieces straight away. Your children can now top the pizza as they please.

Children’s kitchen accessories made of fabric – make desserts

children's kitchen-accessories-dessert-biscuits-cakes-playful-colors

After a delicious meal, a delicious dessert must of course also be served. And of course you prepare that as a children’s kitchen accessories. Cakes, tarts, biscuits or other goodies are not made difficult. Use felt or fleece for the children’s kitchen accessories. You can also imitate cream wonderfully with polyfill.

A snack for in between

children's kitchen accessories-sandwich-toast-leaf salad-cheese-tomato

It should also be possible to prepare a snack quickly. And what’s best than a delicious sandwich. Make the individual items such as toast, lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomatoes or cheese and your child can then use these children’s kitchen accessories to prepare various sandwiches according to the guests’ wishes.

Fruit as an idea

children's kitchen-accessories-fabric-tangerines-bananas-blueberries-radishes

But not only sweet things are used for snacking, but also fruit and various fruits. In pieces or slices, they can be perfectly served on a plate. Whether bananas, strawberries, blueberries or tangerines – felt makes children’s kitchen accessories really real.

Inspirations for accessories for the play kitchen

children's kitchen-accessories-play kitchen-bread-beans-vegetable-cooking

We hope we were able to offer you some interesting inspiration for the perfect children’s kitchen accessories. Take a weekend afternoon and do various things to make your little ones happy.

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