Make beautiful lanterns with printed family photos on them

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The house and garden look even more beautiful when you decorate them with lanterns. Today, we’re all about how you can do that Tinker lanterns and decorate with your family photos. This is an original idea to add a personal touch to your ambience!

How to make the nice lanterns


Are you sure you have placed at least one family photo in the bedroom or living room? How do you find the idea of ​​making lanterns with your printed photos? All you need is: your favorite pictures, printed in color or black and white. Of course, you also need a couple of glasses: you can use mason jars, not very tall and with a smooth surface, or other glass containers that you can turn into wall lights.

First put a photo on the outside and then take double-sided tape and use it to affix the photo. Use an almost transparent tape. Glue it smoothly onto the photo. Then put a tea light in each lantern. Now you have a new decoration for your interior or garden. If you light the lanterns, you will be pleasantly surprised by the end effect.

Tinker lanterns with family photos and picture frames

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