Make autumn flower arrangement yourself – decorate the table for autumn

Autumn flower arrangement yourself make dining table decoration instructions steps

If you want to impress your guests for dinner, decorate your autumn table in a festive way. Flower and event designer Nathan Johnson from Gro Designs introduces us to how easy it is to be one Make autumn flower arrangement yourself can. Most of the items in this glamorous floral arrangement should last two to three months. The hydrangeas, succulents, scabiosa pods, eucalyptus branches and leaves will keep their beautiful color for a long time. Follow the steps in the tutorial and create this dramatic centerpiece with natural charm.

Make autumn flower arrangement yourself – materials:

make autumn flower arrangement yourself materials Scabiosa pods

– Rose scissors, sharp knife, floral foam, small metal bowls, wooden discs, golden color spray for flowers

– Eucalyptus branches, purple starfish tree leaf, Peegee hydrangeas, artichokes, finesse roses, scabiosa pods, small green succulents (here Echeveria).

Make autumn flower arrangement yourself – instructions

eucalyptus branches flowers color spray gold

1. Use a deep cardboard box to evenly spray the eucalyptus branch with the golden Farp spray. Be sure to spray the tops of the plant, not just the sides. Always use the spray paint outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

make autumn flower arrangements yourself cut the foam

2. Place the floral foam in a bowl filled with water and let the water draw in naturally, not submerging. Then cut the floral foam into three equal sections.

make your own autumn flower arrangement hydrangeas

3. Place the foam pieces in small metal bowls. You can secure the foam pieces with tape if necessary. Start with the hydrangeas. Remove the leaves from the stem and cut the ends at an acute angle to tuck them into the foam.

make autumn flower arrangement yourself purple-colored artichokes

4. Add purple colored artichokes and finesse roses by cutting the stems so that only the flowers are visible in the floral arrangement. Add more hydrangeas in the lies. The arrangement should be less than 30 cm to allow conversation across the table.

autumn flower arrangement make artichokes finesse roses hydrangeas

autumn flower arrangement instructions artichoke finesse roses

Arrange your table decorations

1. Place the wooden slices in the middle of the table. You can also stack a few for height.

table decoration wooden slices coasters autumn floral arrangement

2. Place the flower arrangements on the wooden discs and pin some scabiosa pods for texture. Red autumn leaves are another great option. Put a couple of large succulents on each end and small ones in the plates.

autumn flower arrangement instructions table decoration rustic charm

table decoration autumn floral arrangement succulents wooden slices

autumn flower arrangement instructions Scabiosa pods

table decoration arrange idea autumn flower arrangement porcelain

autumn table decoration succulents hydrangeas roses arrangement

autumn flowers arrangement table decoration succulent plates