Make a window decoration with chalk marker successfully yourself with these tips & templates

Window decoration with chalk marker in green for plants from a window pane

A new trend is spreading in the homes of many and is becoming more and more contagious. The chalk markers, which are now more and more popular and are used to decorate the window panes, are really practical. If you have only used them for blackboards up to now or if you have already seen beautiful window pictures and are enthusiastic about them, it is time you ventured into this original art and room decoration and let your imagination and talent run wild. Not artistic and worried your window paintings will look ridiculous? Don’t worry about that! Because on the one hand you don’t have to paint anything complicated and on the other hand we have a few tips for you with which you are guaranteed to create a window decoration with chalk marker that you will be proud of. There are also numerous chalk marker templates for a variety of occasions that you can use to help you by simply printing them out. We have put together a few nice variants for you.

Chalk markers come in different colors

By the way, you have different colors to choose from, so that you can not only draw classic white pictures on the window pane, but also colorful motifs. Every window picture can be designed to match the season: strong colors such as pink, red, green, purple or yellow for spring motifs or summery pictures, warm nuances such as orange, yellow, red, bordeaux and similar for window pictures to match autumn and blue or white for winter are just a few of the possibilities. Practical sets for chalk markers with several colors are available in stores.

Draw window decorations yourself with chalk marker – helpful tips

A romantic window decoration with chalk marker for winter gardens or entrance areas

If you want to draw a window decoration freehand with a chalk marker, you should take it easy and take enough time. Of course, this is especially true if you normally never draw or paint. Since painting on glass seems to be much more interesting than on classic paper, it is no wonder that everyone wants to try it out. In addition, errors can easily be wiped away again, which is even more motivating. Here are a few helpful tips that will make it much easier for you to create beautiful window decorations with chalk markers:

Window decoration with chalk markers for children and adults a lot of fun

1. Choose the subject

Drawing on the window is really fun. It can happen that you get carried away. It is better to choose a theme or a design and stick to it. That way, the final image doesn’t get too messy. It helps if you sketch something on paper beforehand and then stick to that picture.

2. Don’t make it too complicated

You have probably already seen various highly complicated pictures as window decorations with chalk markers or browsed the Internet. And you are sure to have fallen in love with one or the other and you really want to do it. However, if you are new to drawing, you might want to steer clear of difficult pictures. Ultimately, you’ll agree that a nice simple window image is much better than a failed complicated one.

Even beginners can draw beautiful window pictures with chalk markers

3. Draw a tough picture

Some people prefer to draw the window pictures on the outside of the window, which of course is not a problem in itself. But as weatherproof as chalk markers may be, they won’t last long against rain and moisture. For this reason, the inside of the window is the better “canvas”. In the case of simple drawings, this is not a problem with regard to direction either. It only becomes more complicated when you want to add lettering and it should be legible from the outside. Then you have to write them mirror-inverted. If the lettering is intended for you instead, write on it as usual.

4th. Write backwards

Let’s come back to the lettering. These are made a little more difficult, especially if you do not use templates for chalk markers. To avoid constant wiping and rewriting, you can do yourself a favor and simply make a template yourself by writing and designing the lettering on a sheet of paper and then use the sheet to help. You can find out exactly how below.

the window decoration with chalk marker can be easily removed with water

5. Check the artwork regularly

We have already mentioned that you are quickly carried away with this pleasant activity. Therefore, you should also make sure that you take regular breaks for checks. By this we mean that you always look at your work from the other side of the window at certain intervals, because what looks perfect on you may not turn out to be so beautiful on the other side. And it would be annoying if you invested a lot of time in your window decoration with chalk markers only to find in the end that you have to start all over again.

Use zentangle templates for window decoration with chalk markers

6th. Have water and a cloth close at hand

These two things are your “erasers”. If you made a mistake, just moisten a corner of the rag and simply wipe the area on the window dry again with a dry corner. By the way, you don’t need to worry that the cloth will be irrevocably colored in the process. Since the chalk markers are based on water, they can be washed out easily and do not harm the washing machine.

7th. Practice, practice, practice

Practice creates masters! So don’t despair if it doesn’t work out the way you want it the first time. Sometimes it is just necessary that you get used to the tools used, in this case the chalk markers. Start with smaller motifs until you get the hang of it and gradually dare to work on more complicated motifs for window decorations with chalk markers.

Use chalk marker templates for windows

Russian window decoration with chalk marker with matryoshka in bright colors

Templates are of course the perfect variant for those who have no knack for works of art and complicated drawings. Conveniently, you can simply buy a template folder for the window decoration with the chalk marker. Another possibility is to put together your own portfolio from all the templates for the window decoration with chalk markers that you print out over time. Of course, you can also use templates and sketches you have drawn yourself. Chalk marker templates are available for a wide variety of topics and motifs and can therefore be used for any occasion. Simple black and white pictures that are used for coloring are also great. So it’s not that difficult to find something that suits you.

Draw cacti and other plants on the windows

How to use the templates?

Once you have found a template and printed it out or made one yourself, all you have to do is attach it to the window with adhesive tape (if you draw the window decoration with a chalk marker on the inside, the picture will be attached to the outside of the window). Now just draw the lines and you have a quick and easy window image. It is also practical that you can also attach the sheet of paper mirror-inverted, which is particularly useful for lettering and simplifies the work a lot.

Window pictures with chalk markers are also popular in shops and stores

Tips and tricks for window decoration with chalk markers

Idea for a window decoration with chalk marker - building for a city

Let your imagination run wild for chalk window pictures

Window decoration with chalk marker – print out templates for free

A window decoration with a chalk marker can even serve as a privacy screen

To make your search a little easier, we have put together a few nice templates for window decoration with chalk markers from which you can choose your favorites. That way, you can start decorating the window panes right away. Just print out the pictures! If you don’t have a printer, you can also use a trick: open the picture and hold or attach a sheet of paper to the monitor. Now you can easily match the motif. But be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the screen. Also, avoid pens that get bleeding so as not to smudge the screen.

Mandala templates for a beautiful window design with chalk markers

Idea for spring or Valentine's Day - template with tree, roots and lovers

Pretty wreath of flowers as a template for the window in spring, summer and autumn

Elaborate and beautiful picture for the window to paint over

Ideas, templates and tips - stars in different shapes

Use this template to choose feathers as window decorations from various ideas

Heart to transfer on the window or to color in

Simple ideas for a window decoration with chalk marker - sun and cloud

Paint a butterfly on the window

A bare tree as a template for customizing the crown with a chalk marker

A simple lily as a template for beginners

Simply swap out the bird template on the disc

A small island with palm trees creates a holiday mood

Use a vase with a bouquet of flowers as a window picture for spring or summer

Template for an original cat to be drawn in with a chalk marker

romantic heart made of roses as a template for the window decoration with chalk marker