Make a practical mask chain yourself & turn the face mask into a fashionable accessory

The face mask, which has accompanied us every day since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, has long ceased to be just an annoying accessory that we are obliged to wear. In a very short time, wearers began to transform them into a fashionable accessory and to decorate them with all sorts of decorations such as pearls and rhinestones or embroidery. Lettering is also common and usually has a funny message. So far so good – if only it weren’t for this constant and annoying putting on and taking off, stowing away and digging out of the face mask again. But there is now a solution for that too. You know the stylish glasses chains, don’t you? Well, such chains adorn us now while we are wearing the mask and when we are not wearing them, they are conveniently attached to our necks right at hand. Do you keep forgetting your mask AT home or in the car and have to go back to get it? With the pretty mask chains that is finally a thing of the past! And by the way, you also get a fashionable eye-catcher that you can adapt to your outfit. For this purpose, we will show you how to make a mask chain yourself.

Make mask chains yourself in numerous designs

Make an elegant mask chain yourself with chains and white pearls

Whether a simple link chain in gold, silver or rose gold and in any size, with elegant or colorful beads made of plastic or wood or other accessories – with a chain for the face mask you get a real eye-catcher that immediately catches the eye and guarantees everyone Will amaze you. You can now easily buy mask chains. Numerous fashion designers offer pretty models with which you can make a statement.

Make a pretty mask chain yourself out of large pearls in pastel colors and clips

But in order to get a chain that exactly meets your expectations, you can also make the mask chain yourself. As one of the pioneers, infect all your friends with this new trend and use our instructions to create your own individual accessory. Children in particular will find it easier to think about wearing the mask and they will feel a lot cooler with it. Christmas is coming soon! So how about you make several necklaces at the same time and give them away to your loved ones?

Make a mask chain yourself with a simple chain

Make a mask chain yourself - Use a simple gold chain for an elegant look

We start with a particularly simple and quick DIY mask chain, which is particularly suitable for women and teenagers. Use a normal link chain in gold or silver, depending on your taste. In the example, the mask chain is gold. The size of the links can also vary. You can use a very thin chain for a more subtle accessory or a chunkier variant for a slightly more casual look. You can make this mask chain in the following way:

  • chain
  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 jump rings
  • pincers
  • Wire cutter
  • ruler

Tinker mouthguard chain with carabiners, binding rings and pliers

And this is how you can make the mask chain yourself: Cut the chain to the desired length. For an adult, 50 should be enough. You can also test this by looping the chain around your neck and determining how high you want the mask to hang. Cut the chain with the wire cutters. Open the two binding rings with the pincers, thread them first through the eyelet of the carabiner and then through the last links of the chain and close them again. The chain is ready! You can now easily attach the carabiners to the elastic bands of the mouthguard.

Come fashionable through the pandemic with a respiratory protection chain

Mask chain for children with string and pearls

Make a mask chain yourself for children with colorful beads and motifs

The necklace for smaller children can be beautifully colorful and also contain pearls in funny shapes. The chain from the picture above is just one example of how cheerful mask chains can look. A simple cord serves as the basis, onto which the pearls are then threaded. You also need the following so that you can make such a mask chain yourself:

  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 tubes
  • line
  • 2 jump rings
  • pincers
  • optional large sewing needle

Instructions for a mask chain with string and colored little beads

If you would like to make a mask chain yourself with string, you need tubes open on one or both sides as an end cap. Cut the string to the length you want. Open a binding ring with the pincers, thread it through the eyelet of the carabiner and close it again. Then thread one of the ends of the string through the tube and then through the tie ring. Then the end has to go through the tube one more time. Now you can design the cord with any beads and other elements. If you are using a tube that is open on one side and has an eyelet, insert the cord and squeeze it with the pliers. Then you can attach the eyelet to the binding ring of the carabiner and move on to the next steps.

Simply create a sun out of pearls with a smiley bead

Threading through the holes in the pearls can be made easier by threading the string through the eyelet of a needle and then inserting the needle and string through the pearls. You can also use wire for this purpose: Tie the wire and string together and use them to pierce the beads. The instructions also show you how to make a sun with a smiley face and small beads.

Craft idea for children and adults - jewelry for respiratory protection

When you have reached the other end, repeat the first steps and thread the cord through the tube, tie ring and tube again. You can then cut off the excess cord. If the thread is not firmly seated in the tube and slips, you can easily squeeze the tube with the pincers.

Ribbon instead of chain

Use a band with a carabiner and key ring instead of a chain

It doesn’t have to be a chain if you want to make a mask chain yourself. A wide band can prove to be a little more comfortable, especially for children. All you need is any ribbon that should be as wide as possible so as not to get too tight. You can then cut this tape to size, heat the ends briefly with a lighter so that it does not get threaded, and then attach it to the mask in different ways:

  • simply tie it to the elastic of the mask with a knot
  • attach it to a carabiner with a key ring – thread the tape through the ring and then stick it with super strong glue or sew it on with a sewing machine

Simple instructions for mask chains with glue or sew

Complete! By the way, you can also use a leather cord. In this case, use the same procedure as for tape. Either sew the ends in place with a sewing machine and a suitable needle, or simply use rivets. Made quick and easy!

Make your own personalized mouthguard chain

Make a personalized mask chain yourself as a gift for the mother

By using pearls or cubes with letters, you can also design a name on the chain and in this way make a personalized mask chain yourself. This is not only a great idea for you personally, but also for children or if you want to use the chains as gifts. The lettering (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a name) is ideally near the ear so that it can be seen at all times. If you made it in the middle of the chain instead, it would be on the nape of the neck all the time.

Elegant pearl necklace

Make a long mask chain yourself for a layering look

How about if you make a longer mask chain yourself so that you can then wrap it around your neck twice as in the example above. This gives you pretty jewelry for your neck and décolleté on two levels, which goes wonderfully with elegant blouses and another necklace. The perfect idea for the office! Your colleagues will be jealous of the pearl mask necklace. If you are into chain layering, you are welcome to make such an extra-long chain for mouthguards yourself.

Quick and easy with brackets

Idea for mask chains with wooden beads and clips

You can make a mouthguard chain yourself very quickly and easily by using such cool pliers instead of the usual carabiners. In this way you not only save a lot of time when doing handicrafts, but also when attaching to the rubber of the mask – the chain is simply clamped in place. First make the chain (e.g. with wooden beads as here) and leave some string free at both ends.

Decorate face mask and turn it into a beautiful fashion accessory

The brackets are provided with pieces of wire that you can close by bending to tie the cord to the eyelets you have obtained. Simply cut off any excess string. Tip: You can also secure the knots by putting a dollop of glue on them. This is how quickly you can make a mask chain yourself!

Combine glasses and mask

Mask and glasses chain in one made of green pearls

In addition to the mask, you also wear glasses, but don’t want to wear two chains at the same time? Then just combine both in one! In addition to the carabiners, attach loops for glasses and you can remove both at the same time. However, this idea is less suitable for reading glasses, because while reading at home you will hardly be wearing a face mask at the same time. However, you can combine sunglasses and a mask this way when you go for a walk in the sun and city. The idea is also practical if you want to use the chain for the glasses and for the mask.

Make colorful mask chains for a good mood even in dreary winter

Make a silver or gold mask chain for a classy look

Make a mask chain yourself - simple instructions with metal chains

Subtle chain with pink accents

Subtle and stylish necklace for women with pink pearls

Make black mask chain yourself with sparkling pearls

Discreet black mouthguard chain with sparkling pearls

Statement chain for the face mask

Use the statement chain to attach the face mask

Colorful and with name for children

Make mask chains for children for motivated wearing of the mask

Mask chains are also suitable for men

Make black mask chain yourself with pearls for men

Make a mask chain yourself with golden pearls

Make a mask chain yourself with golden pearls

Leopard-look mask and pearl necklace for an elegant combination

Protective mask in leopard lool with white pearl necklace

Homemade chain with orange flower pendants

Idea for a homemade necklace with flower pendants

Combine golden sequins and pearls

Make your own sparkling mask chain with sequins and colored beads

Personalized pearl necklace with colored accents

Put together messages or names for the chain for mouthguards with letters