Make a moss picture yourself: Instructions and tips for your own moss artwork

Plants have a positive effect on both the indoor climate and our mood. Plant pictures offer a cool alternative to the classic houseplants in pots. The moss pictures, for example, are among the easiest to care for and at the same time most beautiful ideas. They look very decorative and are pretty easy to make. In this article you will learn how to make a moss picture yourself to beautify your living room or office and make it more nature-friendly.

Make a moss picture yourself: what is needed?

Moss picture make the necessary materials and tools yourself

No matter where they are used, moss pictures and moss walls are always a wonderful eye-catcher. They transform every room into a real oasis of well-being and the best thing is that you can do them yourself. This saves a lot of money (because finished moss pictures are anything but cheap) and at the same time you can have fun with them.

Which moss is best for a moss picture?

Which moss is suitable for moss pictures

First you should decide whether you want to make an artificial and a real (living) moss picture yourself. Both variants are fine, although the real moss has a more natural effect. The best types of moss for such a project are reindeer moss, forest moss, pole moss, flat moss and star moss.

Preserved moss for DIY wall decoration

For indoor use, the moss must be preserved. You can preserve moss yourself, but we advise against it. On the one hand, depending on the size of the picture, you have to collect a lot of moss, on the other hand, it can take several days until the moss is ready for handicrafts. If you still want to try it, you should put the collected moss in a mixture of two parts glycerine and one part denatured alcohol, let it steep for 10-15 minutes and then place it on kitchen paper to dry for a few days.

Which glue for moss pictures?

Which glue for moss pictures

To make a moss picture yourself, you still need a suitable adhesive. Here you can also choose between some variants. For example, there are special moss adhesives that were developed precisely for this purpose. However, these are a little more expensive and can drive up the overall price of your DIY project. Instead, you can use hot glue or simple silicone glue.

Tip: Instead of collecting the necessary materials separately, you can get a ready-made DIY kit that contains everything you need. This variant may be a bit more expensive, but it saves some time and effort.

What care does a moss picture require?

Wall design idea with moss pictures

Since moss pictures are made from preserved moss, they don’t need watering, cutting or fertilizing. However, over time, some dust can collect on the moss. To remove this, you can simply use a feather duster. If other plant species are used in your moss picture, the maintenance effort will be greater.

Instructions: This is how you can make a moss picture yourself

Vertical garden with moss moss picture

Necessary materials:

  • Picture frame in the desired size (or other flat board)
  • Moss of your choice (preserved or artificial, flat, round, etc.)
  • Glue, e.g. B. moss glue, hot glue, silicone
  • gloves
  • optional: rabbit wire or floral foam


  • Set for DIY moss picture

And so it goes:

Gather all the necessary materials and cover the countertop or table to protect the surface. Next, prepare the glue. Hot glue was used in these instructions because it is clear, cheap and adheres well to the moss and the back of the frame. Put on gloves to avoid getting green fingertips.

How to make a real moss picture yourself

Now you can start designing your picture. Do a test run first – lay the moss on the frame without gluing it in place, until you get a design you like. Once you have a good idea in mind, it’s time to start crafting your masterpiece. You can even leave the moss pieces from the design phase on the frame and stick them on one at a time.

Make moss picture yourself Glue moss

Pro tip: Try not to glue the moss too tightly or it will be flattened on the plate. So if you want to make a fluffy moss picture yourself, just press lightly when sticking it on (it will still stick, we promise!).

Handicraft project finished moss picture

When you’re done crafting, hang your new moss artwork on the wall or place it on a shelf. You can even make several moss pictures yourself and use them to green an entire wall.

Beautify DIY moss picture with succulents

You can embellish your moss picture with some of your favorite succulents by simply gluing them into the moss with hot glue. This design will require a little maintenance over time as you will need to spray the succulents from time to time and / or replace them from time to time.

Make moss picture yourself without glue

Make a moss picture yourself with floral foam instead of glue

If you do not want to glue the moss, you can instead glue a piece of floral foam into the frame and attach the moss to it with floristic flower pins. To make the design of your moss creation more interesting, you can still use twigs, twigs or other plants.

DIY moss picture with 3D design

With several elements, a 3D moss picture is created that cuts a good figure in any room. An important tip: do not hang your moss artwork in direct sun. The sun can fade the color of the mosses and they will fade over time.

Ideas for DIY moss pictures

Green plant picture made of moss and ferns

Now that you know how to make a beautiful moss picture yourself, you can use the following ideas as inspiration for your own project. You can decide for yourself whether you want to design a monochrome picture, a colorful creation or a 3D design with several elements. We wish you a lot of fun!

Simple moss picture with three types of moss

Moss picture make different types of moss yourself

Turn the moss picture into a real work of art – with stones and branches

Ideas for moss pictures as original wall decorations

Create contrasts with sea glass

Make moss picture yourself with sea glass

Turn an old picture frame into a colored moss picture

Craft idea decorate picture frames with moss

Make picture wall modern and nature-friendly with moss pictures

Moss pictures round square modern wall decoration