Loft apartment with a dynamic and lively atmosphere


This loft apartment called just The Loft is located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in the building The Cristofori Concer Hall at 583 Prinsengracht street on the fifth floor. The interior is characterized by dynamic and colorful decor, high windows and lots of natural light.

Loft apartment with an extraordinary design

Tableware bone rack art piece

The loft apartment enchants you when you enter the spacious space with its carefully curated decoration and with its extraordinary handicrafts, which result in an inspiring, eventful design. Decor that has been carefully selected by hand and brought together. From the tables and chairs, carpets and even the books on the bedside dresser are available for sale. The apartment is intended as a venue for interesting cinema evenings, discussions, lectures and tea parties in the near future.

Loft apartment with a lively atmosphere

Retro showcase-stylish-decoration-wall

A seamless space with great dynamism welcomes you. The loft apartment has combined all necessary areas of life for every person in one. Living room corner with leather sofa and coffee table, coffee or reading corner with bench and lots of upholstered cushions, next to it a high double bed and in front of the window the free-standing bathtub for personal hygiene. Something rustic, something university-like and retro flair with the spirit of modernity in four walls that support a cultural level and fascinate with all the decor.

The decor in the apartment is like a pulsating wave when it hits a beach

Retro style loft apartment airplane motorcycle

High windows, rough plaster on the walls and carpets hung as decor on the wall give a rustic feeling of wellbeing


This corner is provided for discussions and lectures


Open, inviting ambience with retro decor and a touch of science

Sofa leather dynamic decor

Generous area covered and furnished in an inspiring way

round-high-window-sandpit-with-wooden floor

Art pieces, handcrafted, wonderful


Floor lamp as a projector lamp and a cone-shaped fireplace in the sofa area


All the furniture on display is for sale


Areas of life as inspiration and necessity

free-standing bathtub with metal faucet

Every detail is carefully selected in this display cabinet


The retro spirit as an innovative concept

Bathtub-airplane-as-pendant lamp