Knit a coarse-meshed blanket without needles – instructions to imitate

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If you want to make yourself really comfortable, a cozy blanket is one of the best accessories. We would like to introduce you to an interesting trend in line with this. This is the so-called giant mesh blanket, which even beginners can easily imitate. In addition to instructions, in this article we have great ideas for Knit blanket put together with giant stitches, as well as other interesting things that you can knit this way. let yourself be inspired!

Blanket knitting for beginners

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The giant mesh knit blanket is made much lighter and faster than you might think. When you are ready to knit the blanket, it will take some time to get used to picking up the new stitches at first. But you will quickly get the hang of it and won’t want to stop at all. The great thing is that not only blankets can be knitted.

Knit a coarse-meshed blanket

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You can of course only knit the cozy blanket with the right wool. Here wool or cotton with a particularly thick thread is used, because this contributes to the huge stitches in addition to the knitting needles. The exact amount you will need will of course depend on the size of the blanket you plan to knit and the thickness of the thread. You can find out more about this in the shop before you knit the blanket.

Knit a cozy blanket with knitting needles

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We have already mentioned that knitting needles can be used. The special thing about them is that, like the future meshes, they are huge. The larger the diameter, the larger the meshes will be. You can buy such oversized knitting needles ready-made or have them made. If this variant of knitting a blanket is too time-consuming for you, please try the following variant.

Thick blanket knit with arms

knit blanket hands-arms-without-needles-make-it-yourself-quickly

You can also knit a blanket without needles. In this case, knitting is done with hands and arms. When arm knitting, your arms take on the role of knitting needles, so to speak, which makes looking for suitable needles, which also take up a lot of space when stowed, unnecessary. For knitting by hand, however, you should plan as much time as possible in order to be able to completely finish the blanket. Otherwise you have to be careful when you pull your arms out of the stitches to take a break so that you don’t loosen them.

How long does it take to knit a blanket?


As with the amount of wool, the amount of time you can plan for knitting depends on the size of the blanket. Then there is your experience. It will take a beginner a little longer than someone who has been knitting for a long time. The actual process of knitting is fairly constant after you have started knitting the blanket with the appropriate loops. You will learn exactly how to best crochet the blanket in the instructions in the video below.

Blanket for various purposes

knitting blanket bedspread-crochet-coarse-meshed-soft-bed-making

The giant mesh blanket is not only perfect as a cozy blanket for cozy evenings on the sofa. It also looks great as a bedspread for the bedroom or guest bed. If you want to knit a baby blanket, you can also use the huge stitches. Simply choose a smaller size when knitting the baby blanket so that it is light enough and fits in the baby bed. You can also knit a blanket for the baby and use it as a mat.

Knit blanket with pattern

blanket-knit-pattern-blanket-blue-bedroom-decoration-living room

More advanced learners can turn away from the classic knitting pattern and try out other patterns when knitting the coarse-meshed blanket. The variations here are innumerable. Dare to try something new! You can also get patterns quickly with a little practice and the blanket will also look a lot nicer.

Trick for pattern

blanket knitting advanced-large-mesh-pattern-squares-gray

The example above for knitting a blanket is particularly interesting because this pattern was not actually created during the knitting itself. They are narrow, knitted strips that were finally woven together – just like we did with paper strips as children. Even beginners can do this themselves, giving the impression of a complicated knitting pattern.

Mermaid knit blanket


If the classic square or rectangular blanket is too boring for you, you can combine another trend with the giant mesh. What is meant is the hatch in the shape of a mermaid’s tail. You can use one color wool when knitting this blanket or you can combine several colors. Just follow the instructions in the video below.

Knit blanket and pillow


After you have knitted the giant stitch blanket, add matching pillowcases for the sofa cushions. In this way, you can not only expand the sofa, but also the bed and create a cozy decoration that makes the sitting or sleeping area even more comfortable. Here, too, you can choose the size of the mesh yourself – the larger the mesh, the faster the pillowcase will be ready.

Make pillow cover yourself 


Since the stitches in arm knitting are probably too big for the pillow case, it is advisable to use larger knitting needles for this variant. It is also a good idea to use meshes of the same size for the blanket and pillow so that the two go better together. But in the end it is up to you how exactly you design the accessories.

Knit things yourself – ideas for various accessories


And while you’re in the process of redesigning your seating area, why not add a small rug as well. You can make this square but also round. The large meshes add extra comfort to the seating area. In the children’s room, such a mat can be used for a cuddle or reading corner. So don’t wait any longer to design your home by knitting a blanket.

Knit XXL scarf


You can knit not only pillowcases, a mat or a blanket with the giant stitches. Scarves in this style are also very popular. They keep you particularly warm and are perfect for the cold winter. The scarf is knitted like the blanket, only that you make it narrower. Choose the classic scarf or make a tube scarf by sewing both ends together.

Scarf with pattern and pompons

blanket-knit-giant-mesh-scarf-ladies-pompons-light blue-pattern

As when you knit the blanket, you can also equip the scarf with an interesting knitting pattern. If the two ends of the scarf each have a bobble, the scarf looks much more playful. Pom-poms are also quick and easy to make yourself and are simply sewn onto the scarf at the end. Try it!

Trend for men


Not only the ladies like the trendy scarf with giant mesh. More and more men are also using accessories to create a trendy outfit in winter. The XXL scarf is a great gift idea that is personal and can be made quickly at the same time. For this reason, the idea is also great for a last-minute gift.

Cozy hat

blanket-knitting-idea-hat-wool-hat-bobble-giant stitch

And when you have the scarf, you can also make a matching hat yourself. The hat looks even better with its large mesh in combination with a bobble. Whether you are making the hat for yourself or as a gift for a friend or relative, combine it with a scarf and give away a great, self-made set.

Knitting a blanket – the likeable XXL accessory


Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’re guaranteed to always have a desire for new knitting ideas. The giant mesh accessories are a great leisure activity with which you can also beautify your home. So if you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, the coarse-meshed knitting projects are the best choice for beginners.