Just copy upcycling ideas – 30 great ideas for home & garden


“Make new out of old”, that’s the saying. And in keeping with this saying, we have put together some ideas with which you can use all the unnecessary things that are standing around with you for useful purposes. After all, it’s the turn of spring cleaning soon and you are sure to come across some objects that you would otherwise not really know what to do with. But what can you tinker with? We have also provided some explanations and instructions for you so that you can use the Upcycling ideas easy can imitate. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Make upcycling ideas yourself quick and easy

upcycling ideas simple study-desk-decoration-ruler-wood-bulletin board-clothespins

There are tons of great upcycling ideas for the home and that also applies to the items that you can use for them. An old wooden ruler, for example, can be used as an alternative for a bulletin board by sticking clothespins to it. If you are looking for upcycling ideas for pictures, you can also use this variant. You can also use the clothespins to hang or clamp photos on the wall.

Upcycling ideas simply explained

upcycling-ideas-simple-molding-wall-shoe-holder-original-diy-interior design

If you want to do creative handicrafts and at the same time create something useful, consider such holders for shoes. If you no longer know what to do with all those shoes, decorative strips can prove to be useful, which you can now super upcycle. For such upcycling ideas, simply spice up old strips or buy new ones and then stick them to the wall with strong, double-sided adhesive tape.

Do-it-yourself upcycling ideas

upcycling ideas simply grater-grater-earrings-stow-stow-varnish-pretty

If you want to make practical and beautiful things yourself, you can use all kinds of household items. Even an object as seemingly useless as a worn grater can quickly become useful again after you have freshly painted it. You can simply use the holes of the grater to hang up earrings for such upcycling ideas.

Creative ideas with an old rake

upcycling ideas simply jewelry holder-rake-chains-wall-hanging

You can also organize jewelry this way. For such upcycling ideas, simply attach the rake to the wall without the handle and then use the prongs to hang it up. Use the rake as is for a rustic look, or paint the metal any color that matches the rest of the decor in the room.

Creative ideas for beginners

upcycling ideas simply kitchen-rake-wooden spoon-pot holder-hook

Here’s another way you can use a rake. It can be an interesting eye-catcher in the kitchen and at the same time can be used practically to hang up various kitchen utensils so that you always have them to hand. Simply attach these upcycling ideas directly to the wall or hang them on a board.

Soap dispenser for the kitchen

upcycling ideas simply mason jar-original-make-yourself-soap dispenser

Making a kitchen soap dispenser is just as easy by using a pretty mason jar. The lid is fitted with a pump that you can take from an old soap dispenser or you can simply buy one. In general, you can easily implement many upcycling ideas from mason jars and use them in everyday life.

Upcycling ideas with cardboard

upcycling ideas simply cardboard-paper-toilet paper-roll-copper-lacquer-pen holder

Upcycling ideas made of paper or cardboard can also be useful. Here is an example of a pen holder that you can make from toilet rolls and a piece of cardboard. For these upcycling ideas, simply glue the rolls to cardboard and then spray them with any spray paint outside in the open air. Now equip the desk with this accessory.

Recycling ideas – embroidery rings as clocks

upcycling ideas simply embroidery hoop-idea-household-wall-decoration-wall-clock-tinker

If you are looking for easy DIY ideas for decorating, you can consider these wall clocks. The decoration is made from round embroidery frames that can be covered with any fabric. However, angular frames are also suitable. You make the attractive wall decoration by simply buying a clockwork for each of the upcycling ideas. A nice craft idea that even beginners can easily imitate.

Idea for wooden lattice

upcycling ideas simply cot-recycle-grid-holder-magazine-storage space

If your child has outgrown the cot, you don’t have to throw the bed away right away. You can make a bench out of the lying surface and the grid can be used to hang up various things. For upcycling ideas, simply hang magazines over the rungs or use them as an open wardrobe and hang clothes hangers on them.

Useful accessory

upcycling ideas simply diy-mint-candy-jar-box-tinker-headphones

The tangled cables that accompany us in everyday life can be really annoying. But we have an idea how you can at least get rid of it from your pocket by stowing away headphones in a practical way. For this you simply use upcycling ideas from cans. A candy jar as shown above is, for example, well suited. For the upcycling ideas, simply decorate the can as you like and then equip it with a key ring and hook to attach it to or in the bag.

Stow bobby pins

upcycling ideas simply redesign bobby pins-hairpins-stow-box-tictac

Different doses are suitable for different purposes. A tic-tac packaging like this, in turn, can neatly stow smaller things like bobby pins or hair ties and are always ready to hand. For the upcycling ideas, simply design the can as you like. Spray paint, for example, works well. Organize your dressing table!

Tinker upcycling ideas easily – make your own tool holder

upcycling ideas simply car number-american-holder-tool-brush

License plates are quite easy to bend so that you can shape them into such a container. The container can then be used on the desk for pens or in the workshop for tools and other accessories. You can easily implement upcycling ideas with a little imagination. Before you just throw them away, think about what you can do with items.

Decoration ideas from DIY projects


License plates can also be used to implement other cool ideas, such as this original room divider, which is suitable for indoors and outdoors. American license plates look particularly chic here, as they have different colors depending on the state. But such upcycling ideas can also be easily imitated with other signs.

Upcycling ideas for the garden


You can make original decorations yourself with a bag. In the garden, the ladies’ accessories are suitable, for example, for designing flower boxes. And why not combine several bags at the same time. Surely you have enough of them available. For the upcycling ideas, simply fill the pockets with soil and plant them. You are welcome to use these upcycling ideas for balconies and terraces. Or does your garden hose have a few holes? Don’t throw it away either. You can use a piece of it to design different door wreaths like in our cover picture. For the upcycling ideas, simply wrap the hose and then decorate it with any decorations. Real and artificial flowers are suitable, but also other decorative elements. These DIY ideas made from jeans are also very creative.

Upcycling for DIY bench


With the help of upcycling ideas, you can make furniture just as easily. You may have a few blocks of concrete like this after some renovation or construction. Then you can use them to build a comfortable bench. And for that you don’t even need any special experience with construction work. For such upcycling ideas, simply stack the blocks on top of each other and provide them with bars for the seat.

Ideas for indoors and outdoors


Such a feeding place for birds, which can decorate the garden, can be made from dishes. Carefully drill holes through the harness, then attach rope, a metal or plastic rod, and pieces of wood to hold everything in place. The curtain holder made from a fork is just as original. For these upcycling ideas, simply use household items that are no longer needed.

Old drawers


If you want to throw away an old cupboard, you can at least still use the drawers to create interesting wall decorations. For the upcycling ideas, simply decorate the inside of the compartments with scraps of wallpaper and hang them on the wall. Now they can be used like shelves and display your decorations.

Upcycling ideas with wood

upcycling-ideas-simply-painting-knife-block-wax crayons-colored pencils-children

Especially in the nursery there is often a lot of disorder due to the many toys and handicraft items. Crayons, felt pens and wax crayons are no exception. Here’s a handy way to organize pens. For these upcycling ideas, simply make a knife block with holes. You can use a drill for this. Paint the knife block any color, then stow the pens.

Just make upcycling ideas yourself – stow away sewing utensils


In the same way, you can also organize your thread spindles that are otherwise just lying around in a messy drawer or sewing box. Simply provide the drilled holes for the upcycling ideas with wooden sticks, which you can also glue in place. Then put the spindles on the bars. You always have them to hand and you don’t have to spend ages looking for the right color.

Sew new clothes out of old clothes


If you are in the mood for DIY clothing, then dig some old clothes out of the closet and use them to create new things. A sweater, for example, can be used to sew a warm hat. And beginners don’t have to be shocked when they hear the word “sew”. The idea is so simple that even beginners can easily imitate the upcycling ideas.

Idea from jeans


Clothing made of denim can, in turn, be used for a wide variety of things. A strip is suitable, for example, for such coasters for cups and glasses. If you create a larger spiral instead, you can also use the result as a trivet and decorate the table in an original way. As you can see, for these upcycling ideas all you have to do is form a spiral.

DIY table decorations


So upcycling clothes doesn’t have to mean making new clothes out of old clothes. Parts of the clothing can instead be used for everyday things such as placemats. So combine the coasters above with homemade doilies. You can also add a cutlery pocket by simply sewing the trouser pocket onto the doily for the upcycling ideas.

Tinker upcycling ideas easily – useful bags and decoration


You can also see great upcycling ideas for jeans here. Use pants pockets to store various things like pens and other utensils around the desk. But you can also make an original garland out of your trouser pockets. For the upcycling ideas, simply alternate the bags with ribbons and decorate the room.

Bangle made from recycled material


Believe it or not, this kid’s bangle is made from a toilet roll. Cut out a ring of any width and then stick washi tape in bright colors on it. You can also use such rings as napkin rings and design them to suit any occasion. Another possibility to simply recreate one of the many upcycling ideas.

Bookcases or shelves made of books?


Actually, only the lower book serves as a shelf. It is attached with the help of an L-bracket, which is glued in the middle of the inside of the back cover. Then the book can be screwed to the wall and used as a shelf for other books or for decorations. So you can easily imitate original upcycling ideas.

Lamp stand as a table


Use an old lamp stand or large candlestick for a new side table. You can paint the stand in advance, and then use a plate to make a tabletop. You can also easily make such upcycling ideas yourself with a wooden plate that you stick on the stand. Make sure that the stand has a wide foot so that it can stand steadily.

Upcycling ideas for kids

upcycling-ideas-simply-wax crayons-melt-decoration-make-yourself-hearts

These hearts are not only very personable, but are also made very quickly. They just consist of melted crayons. You can make such decorations and upcycling ideas easily and in any color and shape. For the example, two colors were used to represent broken hearts.

Upcycling ideas – instructions for DIY decoration hearts

upcycling-ideas-simple-instructions-hearts-wax crayons-decoration

You need a simple silicone baking pan with whatever shapes you want. Then put the crayons in these shapes. For the original upcycling ideas, simply place the baking pan briefly in the preheated oven until the wax has melted. Take the mold out of the oven and let the liquid cool down until it hardens again. Now you can take the figures out of the baking pan.

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