Jewelry made from can closures – recycling accessories

Jewelry from can closures -black-chain-knit

We will present you a creative idea made from used objects. This is Jewelry made from can closures. You can make fancy necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even bags out of them. These accessories go just as well with party dresses as they do with everyday outfits. The silver look in most cases gives the object a noble look and only an expert in DIY projects would immediately recognize what the piece of jewelery actually consists of.

Jewelery made from can closures – recycling bracelet

Tie jewelry from tin closures -diy-bracelet-together

This handicraft technique, in which jewelry is made from can closures, comes from poor neighborhoods in Brazil. Crocheting and tying chains, bracelets and bags is often part of everyday life there for the mothers to support their families. The women use tin cans from the rubbish so that the costs of making the production remain as low as possible. Of course, you don’t have to search through the trash can now, just keep our great craft idea in mind and simply collect the closures of the cans while grilling over the coming weekend. Your friends are sure to help you too.

Jewelry from can closures – Make recycling accessories yourself – Instructions


Try to imitate such a bracelet with the instructions in the photo series and once you have gained a little experience you can also try it with a bag. You don’t need a lot of tools for this – just a pair of pointed pliers, some sandpaper and a ribbon, thread or bows in the desired color to tie together. If you want to decorate the piece of jewelry, then get matching pearls or pendants and don’t forget rings for the intermediate parts.

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Have fun doing handicrafts!






Decorate with buttons for an even more unusual look


Decorate your unique piece made of recycled materials

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Great earrings made from cans


Jewelry made from can closures – recycling accessories


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Make a whole bag out of can closures


Make your own colorful party bag


Find the right colors for your piece of jewelry


Necklace made of can closures and intermediate rings


Coca Cola earrings made from cans






Jewelry made from can closures -armband-chain-silver-bound

Jewelry made from can closures -bracelets-wire-metal-recycle

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