Interesting DIY project – build your own wardrobe from wooden pallets

Wall wardrobe from wooden pallets colorful build your own idea

The do it yourself projects are great as they will help you save money and create beautiful things for your home at the same time. All of this also brings personal satisfaction, which is the most important thing. You can prove to yourself how good you are in many areas and gain recognition from others. They would admire your work and creativity. These Wall coat rack made of wooden pallets is a good occasion for it. The hardest part is dismantling the Euro pallet, but this is where you can get your strong man involved too.

Build your own wardrobe from wooden pallets

Disassemble and recycle the cloakroom from wooden pallets

These Wall coat rack made of wooden pallets would look great in her hallway where she can bring more color and creativity. All you need is just a wooden pallet and some other hand tools and materials like: a handful of clothes hooks from the hardware store, assorted colors, and a sander. You will also need tools to remove the lower board from the Euro pallet. After removing it, you need to grind the surface of the palette and paint it in different colors.

Wall wardrobe made of wooden pallets – Dismantle the euro pallet

Dismantle the wall wardrobe from euro pallets yourself

The chosen colors determine the look of a wonderful decoration in the hallway, which of course would also speak about your preferences and style. These Wall coat rack made of wooden pallets is ideal not only for your coats, but you can also hang your small bags, a scarf or a hat here. It is a useful and practical piece of furniture that is easy to build yourself. If you later decided to go for a modern design, you can easily remodel the wooden pallet into something different.

   Choose your wall coat rack from Euro pallets

Paint the wall coat rack from wooden pallets in bright colors

Wall-mounted coat rack euro pallets, build colorful coat hooks yourself

Wall coat rack mantel build wooden pallets yourself

Wall coat rack made of wooden pallets, different colors, coat hooks

Wall coat rack made of wooden pallets, painted colorful coat hooks

Wall coat rack wooden pallet hook mount coat

Wall coat rack euro pallets build yourself colorfully painted

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