Instructions for a DIY bed headboard from used books


Is your bedroom in dire need of a breath of fresh air? With a little manual skill and for little money, you can conjure up an attractive DIY bed headboard from used books. Rummage through your old book boxes that are lying around in the basement and gather dust and get out the books you have read and no longer needed. If these are not enough, go to the bookstore with used books and buy a few more cheaply. The choice could be a pain in the ass, however – look for hardcover books in the same format – the more, the better. Between 20 and 30 books should be sufficient for a standard bed size.

DIY bed headboard for book lovers


The book headboard is not attached directly to the wall, but on a plywood or chipboard. You can find these in the hardware store. To do this, first measure the width of the bed and the desired height of the bookcase. If you have all the materials, you can start as follows:

– Lean the board against the wall and position it as it should look at the end. Use a felt pen to mark the top of the mattress – the books will be attached from here upwards.

– Now place the plate where there is sufficient freedom of movement for you. The next step is arranging the books. First try different layout variants until you find the perfect one, so that there are no gaps. It is best to lay open books of the same size in a line, other book formats can be designed imaginatively so that they fit together like a puzzle. It’s okay for the books to stick out over the edges of the plywood sheet. But they don’t all have to look the same either.

Interesting idea for the design of the headboard


Once the order is established, number all the books to make sure that no place is accidentally changed. Then pin the books precisely with small nails, leaving the 2-3 of the middle pages loose. Later, these will also be glued to the rest so that the nails can no longer be seen. Finally, the sheet of plywood with the books attached is attached to the wall behind the bed with screws.

You can already enjoy a bed headboard design for a charming bedroom. The texture gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness even in empty rooms.

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Rummage in bookstores


Use plywood to hold the books in place


Measure the mattress height

Open-books-organize-according to your wishes-headboard-do-it-yourself

Try different layout variants


Hit nails with a hammer


Wonderful DIY headboard for a bedroom with a high feel-good factor