How to design iron-on transfers yourself with cling film – simple instructions and templates

If you want to design your clothes yourself, motifs that can be ironed on are a wonderful option. Since the finished models that are offered in stores do not always necessarily represent what you imagine on the clothing, you can also easily design iron-on transfers yourself. We’ll show you how you can make these iron-ons yourself and provide a few templates.

Make iron-on transfer yourself with fish film

Design iron-on transfers yourself - instructions and templates to print out

You can make wonderful iron-on transfers yourself with a laser printer by simply finding the desired motif on the Internet and printing it out. You can also print out a photo on normal paper and iron it on as an iron-on using the following instructions:

  • any template
  • Cling film
  • Baking paper (or parchment paper)
  • Iron
  • T-shirt, cloth bag, trousers, etc..

Design iron-on transfers yourself – tips and instructions

Design iron-on transfers yourself with cling film - cut out the motif and enclose with foil

The item of clothing for which you want to make the iron-on transfers yourself should be ironable and should be able to withstand the heat. Accordingly, many artificial materials are unsuitable. Cotton and polyester, for example, are perfect. Just look at the label beforehand and check whether the fabric can be ironed.

Design iron-on transfers yourself with printed motifs, foil and iron

Print out and cut out any iron-on image. Put it on a piece of cling film and put another piece of foil over it. Now roughly cut out the film around the motif and place it on the fabric that you would like to design yourself with iron-on transfers. Connect the iron, place baking paper on the design and iron over the baking paper as soon as the iron is hot enough. The heat melts the film and serves as an adhesive and to seal the iron-on motifs at the same time.

Attention: If your motif has lettering, you must edit and mirror it before printing. It’s easy to do with Paint.

Wash the garment carefully by hand and inside out so as not to ruin the design as it is more delicate than most of the items you buy.

Design iron-on transfers yourself with paper napkins

Design iron-on transfers yourself - print out pictures or cut them out of napkins

If you want to make iron-on transfers from paper yourself, you can also use paper napkins instead of printed designs. The procedure is the same as when you make an iron-on transfer yourself without napkins: Cut it out, place it between two layers of cling film and transfer it to the fabric with an iron and baking paper.

Use iron-on foil and do the iron-on application yourself

Iron on lettering and letters with iron-on foil or transfer paper

You can also buy special iron-on film (transfer paper) and then print it with your favorite motif. You can use a laser or inkjet printer for this purpose. The film has an adhesive that is activated by the heat when it is ironed on. In this way, the motif is transferred to the fabric and the film can be peeled off.

Iron-on transfer templates

Design iron-on transfers yourself - floral mandala to iron-on made of blue nuances

You can find numerous motifs on the Internet from which you can then create iron-on transfers yourself. However, we would like to provide you with some nice templates for ironing stickers in the following gallery, which you can simply print out and transfer to any item of clothing or other fabric. There are motifs for adults as well as those that are suitable for iron-on transfers for children, so that you can design beautiful iron-on transfers yourself and spice up boring T-shirts even for the little bullies.

Design your own iron-on transfers - dream catchers for t-shirts with a water-colored effect

Floral motif in turquoise and yellow

Design iron-on transfers yourself - pretty, floral motif in mandala style in turquoise and yellow

Sun with yellow background to print

Motif idea for the summer - sun with a yellow background to iron on

Make iron-on transfers for children and adults with unicorns

Unicorn with hearts for children and adult girls

golden Star

Golden star to print and iron on

Design iron-on transfers yourself – playful cactus to transfer onto fabric

Convert the happy cactus motif into an iron-on patch with foil

Sun as a template for self-made iron-on transfers

Happy yellow and orange sun with sunbeams - iron-on print template

Monochrome wolf with geometric design

Wolf as a monochrome iron-on transfer with a geometric design

Comic dog as a funny motif

Print out the dog, cut it out and transfer it to a T-shirt as an iron-on image

Design iron-on transfers yourself – pretty butterfly for women and girls

Pretty butterfly for girls and women to print out

Yellow lemon

Iron lemon on fabric - spice up clothes and bags

Pineapple for t-shirts and other fabric

Transfer pineapples to clothing for a beautiful DIY iron-on transfer

Red heart

Make iron-on transfer yourself with a red heart

Make iron-on transfers yourself with palm trees for that holiday feeling

Beach feeling with an iron-on transfer with palm trees and sunset

Print out ice cream cones and transfer them to fabric

Make iron-on transfers yourself with simple instructions - ice cream in waffle cones

Exotic plants

Cool picture for that holiday feeling - Exotic palm leaves in black and white

Make the iron-on patch yourself – stick out your tongue

Make iron-on transfers yourself with a beautiful motif - mouth and lips with tongue

Colorful rainbow with cloud

Colorful rainbow puts you in a good mood on clothes

Funny cat

Funny cat as a picture for a t-shirt or other fabric

Dream catcher and feathers

Drawn dream catcher with feathers in coral and light green

Photos of a lion to design T-shirts

Lion as a photo motif for iron-on transfers on clothing

Make iron-on transfers yourself for children with frozen motifs

Printout image for children - Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Christoff


Elsa in a circle for a round iron-on transfer

Paw Patrol

Make iron-on transfers for children - dogs from Paw Patrol

Iron on font and letters

Design iron-on transfers yourself - cool motifs as templates to print out