How can you create beautiful flower vases yourself?

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Beautiful flowers always bring a particularly fresh note to the ambience. Not all housewives have the time and inclination to look after fresh indoor flowers. But a flower pot on the table at dinner is always a great eye-catcher.

An elegant vase with beautiful flowers decorates the dining table and is one of the must-have accessories in the interior. Fresh and fragrant flowers complete the room design and add a romantic touch to the ambience. Its wonderful scent refreshes the air and soothes your senses.

Today we want to share with you interesting and easy-to-implement ideas on how to get home beautiful flower vases can do handicrafts without spending a lot of money. For this DIY project, all you need to do is get hold of oil paint to decorate the vases with.

Beautiful do-it-yourself flower vases: that’s how it works


And so – all you need besides the oil paint are old glass bottles, which you turn into vases, and big, thick syringes, which can be bought in pharmacies.

You can use glass bottles of different shapes and sizes depending on the vase you want to create. Of course, you also need your imagination and creativity here! To create beautiful and unique vases, you can mix several different colors or shades. The result will certainly be amazing!

Fill the syringe with oil paint


Work step by step as shown in the pictures. Follow our guides very carefully for a good end result!

Color the inside of the bottle


First fill the syringe with paint! For large bottles, about 100 ml of spray paint is enough. As you turn the bottle, distribute the paint evenly on the inside of the jar.


After making sure the paint has covered everything, turn the bottle upside down to let the excess paint flow out. Then let the bottle dry.


Decorate your new beautiful vase with beautiful and fragrant flowers! Invite your friends over for dinner. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised by your creative abilities and skills! With brightly painted vases you bring an elegant flair into your living room and create a cozy atmosphere at home!

Interesting handmade vases 


Beautiful flower vases as a table decoration

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Arrange bouquets of cut flowers