Hanging photos: Lots of creative ideas on how to design a picture wall!

Different wall decorations give each room a personal touch and instantly transform it into a much cozier place. Self-designed picture walls have become a total hit on social media in recent months and can be adapted to any interior style. Whether Scandinavian, rustic or boho chic – there is something for everyone! But how can you hang up original photos and thus give your home an individual charm? To help you with the decoration, we have many cool, yet inexpensive ideas for you to hang up pictures.

Creative hanging photos in navy blue wall paint for the nursery

Before you hang up the photos, we recommend that you first think carefully about which room in your apartment you want to spice up and which wall is best suited for it. A picture wall behind the bed in the bedroom or in the living room above the sofa looks particularly pretty. With a few pictures you can also turn the stair area into a real eye-catcher.

Hanging photos ideas

Hang up photos creatively design a picture wall minimalist interior

Without a doubt, hanging photos with rope is one of the cheapest, easiest and most beautiful ways to decorate the walls in your home. All you need for this is a cord, small wooden clips and of course your printed out pictures.

And this is how it is done:

  • Drive two nails into the wall at the same height and hang the cords on both ends.
  • Depending on whether you want to hang the pictures symmetrically and straight, you could either hang the cord a little loosely or tighten it nicely.
  • Now you only have to attach the photos to the cord with the wooden clips and your self-made picture wall is ready!
  • The wooden clips can be decorated and decorated in a variety of ways depending on your mood – in this way you can adapt the whole thing to the furnishing style in the room.

Fairy-tale fairy lights to hang up pictures

Hanging photos ideas fairy lights decorating ideas tumblr room

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They are cheap, beautiful and give every room a special warmth and cosiness. Fairy lights are a great way to showcase your fondest memories. All you have to do for this is to attach the fairy lights to the wall and hang the photos on it with some wooden clips. Let your creativity run free and bring the fairy lights in various shapes – from the heart to the star to your letter, everything is allowed!

Get creative and use old clothes hangers to hang photos

Upcycling ideas design picture wall hangers wall decoration

Making something new out of the old – sustainable upcycling ideas from old furniture are particularly popular this year. If you have a couple of old clothes hangers lying around in the basement, don’t throw them away – they can be used to create a beautiful and very original picture wall. You decide for yourself whether you attach the coat hangers to the wall with a nail, a screw or a classic picture hook. Original, inexpensive and ready in less than 10 minutes – what is there not to love about this idea for hanging up photos?

Photos hanging on string

Make a picture wall yourself, hang up pictures, ideas

Whether in the hallway, on the stairs or in the bedroom or living room – self-made picture walls are real eye-catchers and give every room a personal character. In the following we have a simple and creative idea for you to hang up photos with DIY instructions.

For this you will need:

  • Hula hoops or something else that you can wrap with string, thread or fabric and use as a picture frame.
  • line
  • double-sided tape
  • Wooden clips

Step by step instructions:

  • Attach the tape to the outside of the hula.
  • Wrap the cord around the hula hoop and shape it in any shape you want – there are no limits to your creativity in this step.
  • Find a room in which you want to hang your pictures and attach the hula hoop to the wall.
  • Hang the photos on it with the wooden clips and your self-made picture wall is ready!

Colorful and funny picture wall design

Hanging photos ideas design picture wall yourself

Create a very simple and impressive picture wall by sticking the printed photos onto paper or cardboard in a color of your choice. Yes – it’s that easy and quick!

Hang photos differently with a grid wall plate

Wall decoration nursery ideas hanging pictures ideas

If it’s impossible, or you just don’t feel like drilling holes in your walls or are afraid that you might damage them with tape, then our next suggestion is for you! Grid wall panels come in many different colors and shapes and are perfect for hanging photos. You can attach the pictures to them with wooden clips as well as with binder clips.

Hang pictures ideas with clipboard

Wall decoration ideas creatively Create a picture wall in an original way

Clipboard to hang up photos? Yes, it works and it looks really great! It’s an innovative and modern idea for showing off your favorite pictures. Simply attach the photo to the clipboard and hang it on the wall. Make sure that you adjust the size of the photos to the size of the clipboard – they must neither be too big nor too small.

Hang photos creatively for your Tumblr room

Tumblr room design picture wall design children's room

Tumblr rooms are a new style of interior design that has become very popular among young people in recent months. When designing a picture wall for a typical Tumblr room, the rule “the more the better!” Applies. Whether you stick the photos directly on the wall, attach them to a string or something else, just depends on your own taste.

Create a minimalist picture wall with a branch

Hang photos on rope wall decorate Scandinavian home style

This is probably one of the most original and easiest photo hanging ideas and goes perfectly with an apartment furnished in a Scandinavian style.

For this you will need:

  • a branch
  • thread
  • Nail or screw

And it’s that simple:

  • Cut the thread so that the piece is long enough for all of the photos in the appropriate column.
  • Tie the threads to the branch at the desired intervals.
  • Put some superglue on the back of the photos and then attach them to the threads.
  • Hang the branch with a long thread on the wall on a nail or screw and you’re done!

Stick the photos directly on the wall

DIY picture wall Tumblr room decorating tips

Are you a bit clumsy and have two left hands or have you just painted your walls and that’s why drilling is not an option for you? Then how about just sticking the pictures directly on the wall? For an even more unique and original look, you could make different shapes with the photos. A big heart in the bedroom adds a romantic touch and is a real eye-catcher. So that you can’t see the adhesive strips on the photos, you should use double-sided adhesive tape.

Washi tape to hang up photos

Hanging photos ideas Washi tape picture frames make yourself

Washi tape is a Japanese type of adhesive tape that comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Another advantage is that it can be removed without a trace and much easier than double-sided tape. With Washi Tape you can make wonderful and original picture frames for your photos yourself and put them in the limelight in a unique way. Simply stick washi tape on the outer edges of the pictures and attach them to the wall.

Hang pictures without drilling with magnetic paper

Wall decoration in the nursery Ideas picture wall design creatively

Without a doubt, hanging photos from your last vacation will bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Magnetic picture walls are all the rage this year and are also very practical – all the drilling and gluing will be a thing of the past from now on. To do this, the photos must be printed on a special paper known as a forex plate.

Hang up photos and always have the best memories in view

Wall decoration ideas with postcard pictures hang up in an original way

No matter in which room, a self-made picture wall will always cause excitement

Wall decoration ideas creatively Picture wall design ideas

Design the picture wall and adapt it to the interior – a real work of art

Tumblr room design tips for decorating children's rooms for girls

Fresh and modern way of presenting your photos

Tumblr room decorating tips design a picture wall

Play with sizes and achieve great contrast

Postcard wall decoration ideas living room Scandinavian living style

A good mood is inevitable with this Ombré picture wall

Set up children's rooms Picture wall design ideas creatively

Hang up posters and pictures and turn the living room into a real eye-catcher

Hanging photos idea wall decoration ideas living room

Grid in pink makes the perfect decoration for the nursery

Picture wall without frame tumblr room design ideas

Fishnet picture wall for the children’s room for boys

Hanging photos ideas to set up children's rooms decorating ideas

Cool word game for an even stronger effect

Design a picture wall Original picture frames create your own ideas

Hanging pictures give the kitchen a fresh kick

Hang pictures on string Scandinavian cuisine

Stick polaroid pictures on the wall 

Polaroid pictures wall decoration ideas children's room

Original idea for the photos of you and your best friends

Polaroid picture wall decoration ideas picture wall design tips

There is something special about a watch made of pictures

Design a picture wall Make a photo clock yourself