Handicrafts finger puppets for children – templates and fun finger games

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Finger puppets are very popular with children and encourage children’s imagination. You put funny finger animals and males on every finger and bring them to life. It can be used to tell stories and play a real puppet theater piece at home. Because of their small size, they can be imaginative Make finger puppets and that without a lot of effort.

Handicrafts finger puppets for children – crochet finger puppets

Handicrafts finger puppets -children-fingergames-knitting-fox-do-it-yourself

Traditionally, finger puppets are crocheted and mainly wool scraps are used for this. Crocheting such small elements and details can be a real challenge even for professionals. If you are not practiced in this ability, but still want to bring joy to your little child, there are numerous other ways of making individual finger puppets. We also present some of them.

Easy to make finger puppets for children – forest animals made of felt

Handicraft finger puppets -children-finger-games-felt-forest-animals-do-it-yourself

Finger games are only possible if several finger puppets are available. You can use it to play a funny and very creative story. These little figures encourage the child’s creativity and let their imagination run wild. In addition, these take up very little space and can be brought anywhere. We recommend that you come up with a topic and design the finger puppets accordingly. First draw on a piece of paper how you actually imagine the figures. You can also print out ready-made templates from the Internet, as we offer some below.

Make finger puppets – make your own funny owl for finger games 

Handicrafts finger puppets -children-fingergames-felt-owl-instructions

A popular material for all handicrafts is felt. It can also be used to make finger puppets in simple steps. First, get pieces of felt, including scissors, a needle with thread and a felt-tip pen. Now draw the figure on one side, on the back, of the felt material. Here we offer variants for finger puppets on the subject of forest and forest animals. The representation of the typical forest animals does not have to be very detailed. On the contrary, the funny finger animals look cuter when they are simply designed.

Making finger puppets for children – sewing a fox out of felt

finger puppet-tinker-kids-finger-games-felt-fox-sewing

When designing the figures, forget about their typical characteristics. Stay true to the orange color of the fox fur and specifically emphasize the owl’s large eyes. In addition, the color of the felt should match the fur of the real animal. Children remember small details, which is why it is worthwhile to put more diligence and creativity into the DIY project.

Handicrafts finger puppets for children – finger animals made of felt

Finger animals made of felt -children-finger-games-felt-hedgehogs-n # hen

The basic shape for the finger puppets describes the shape of a finger as precisely as possible – oblong and rounded at the top. You can easily do this if you put your fingerprint or handprint on a piece of paper and draw it.

Tinker accommodation for the finger puppets

Tinker finger puppets -children-fingergames-forest animals-envelope-felt

The animals naturally have a place to stay in the forest. Our finger puppets also need one of these so that the story is really true. Make a place for the finger puppets out of felt as well. For this, use a larger piece of felt and cut it into the shape of an autumn leaf. All you need is a ribbon to tie the ‘envelope’.

Make very simple finger puppets – with a paper template

finger puppet-tinker-children-finger-games-paper-paint-do-it-yourself

One of the easiest ways to make finger puppets is to make them out of paper. It works flawlessly and is a good creative activity for young children. Here you can also use ready-made templates from the Internet or you can let your creativity and imagination run free and draw which funny characters yourself.

Making finger puppets made easy for children!

finger puppet-tinker-kids-finger-games-paper-idea-painting

There are two options for the paper finger puppets. A variant is to design the figure for each individual finger. Otherwise you put two fingers instead of the actual feet of the figure. Fas works particularly effectively with human figures, because the fingers reproduce their legs in a very funny way.

Make paper finger puppets – template for coloring

finger puppet-tinker-kids-finger-games-template-coloring-paper

You are welcome to use this template. Print them out and give them to your child to color in. Figures of this kind can easily be designed by yourself. You only have to plan the openings for the fingers or the legs and cut them out later.

Making finger puppets – very simple instructions for children

finger puppet-tinker-kids-finger-games-paper-animals-paint

Paper finger puppets are also very easy to make for each individual finger. These work in a similar way to the paper egg cups, only the diameter should be a lot smaller. Draw a character of the animal or a funny person. Leave a 2-3 centimeter wide strip behind the figure and cut it out like this. The figure can be colored in or simply made from colored cardboard.

Make finger puppets – paper finger animals for fun finger games

finger puppet-tinker-paper-funny-finger-games-template-coloring-animals

This template will help you make a paper finger animal for your child. This craft idea is particularly suitable when several figures have to be produced quickly yourself. All you have to do with the help of the children is cut out the figures and fix the paper strips on the back with tape.

Funny idea for making finger puppets – use old rubber gloves

finger puppet-tinker-kids-funny-finger-games-rubber-glove-painting

The last variant for finger puppets is particularly easy to make yourself, is well suited for toddlers and this requires materials that are available in every household. All you need for this craft project is a rubber glove, scissors, and felt-tip pens or markers depending on your preference.

Make recycling finger puppets – simple instructions from rubber gloves

finger puppet-tinker-children-finger-games-instructions-rubber-glove-make-yourself

First, cut off the fingers of the glove with the scissors. The second and at the same time the last step is to color in the rubber fingers and to draw funny faces on them. Your children will definitely be happy to take part in this joyful task.