Garden shed with a beautiful view inspires a painter

Garden house with a beautiful view, modern project, wooden roof terrace

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of nature? A painter has fulfilled his dream – he commissioned the architect Felipe Assadi with the task of building a small house at the end of his property. The goal – the summer house with a beautiful view should inspire him for his new projects.

Garden house with a beautiful view – a modern concrete building

Garden house-beautiful-view-concrete-built-solid construction

What was originally conceived as a small hut has become a massive concrete house with a roof terrace and glass facade. The house consists of a compact volume, where the painter can store his painting materials, relax on a comfortable sofa after work and marvel at the wonderful view. The garden house with a beautiful view is accessible through an external staircase. The concrete cube also has a small balcony for the summertime. The flat roof also offers the opportunity to rest with the family after a long day of work. It is a beautiful house that blends in harmoniously with the landscape.

Garden house with a beautiful view – compact construction volume with storage space

Garden house-beautiful-view-concrete-glass facade-sea

The compact construction volume has another decisive advantage – several wall cabinets offer sufficient storage space. In this way, the owner can separate his professional and private life – a problem for many self-employed who have a home office. Even after the end of the working day, desks and co. Remind you of the day’s problems.

Concrete house with glass facade and ceiling lighting

Garden house-beautiful-view-bay-rock-sea

Garden house with a beautiful sea view – modern furnishings

Garden shed-beautiful-view-sofa-glass facade-stairs

A garden house with a beautiful view becomes a cabinet

Garden shed-beautiful-view-studio-cabinet-set up

Garden house with a beautiful view of the bay

Garden house-beautiful-view-next-single-family-house-nature

Project by Filipe Assadi