Garden bench made from wooden pallets as an environmentally friendly alternative

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The design studio r1 recently presented a new collection of patio furniture. But if you think of chic designer pieces with a high-gloss finish, then you are wrong. Instead, the talented interior designers bring a practical and at the same time environmentally friendly alternative that is just as suitable for city parks as it is for your own backyard. Because you have one Garden bench made from wooden pallets built – and then combined with other pallet furniture. In the end, functional and at the same time attractive designs were created, which were assembled in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa.

Garden bench made of wooden pallets – An innovative project from the design studio r1

Furniture planter garden bench design ideas modern

The collection of modular garden furniture / including the Garden bench made from wooden pallets/ was designed as part of a new project for benches in city parks. Several benches in different sizes can be combined with plant boxes and low garden tables. The folding pieces of furniture can be turned into a flower box with just one movement of the hand or, when put together, they can even form a modern sculpture. A total of 6 innovative and at the same time functional designs were presented. They are all assembled from pallets and provided with rollers. In this way they can be used for concerts or other events. The benches are super practical and take up very little space – and are therefore perfect for use in the private garden. In Johannesburg, the houses are close together and the residents often only have narrow backyards – that’s why space-saving garden furniture is always sought.

If you are also inspired by the original idea and would like to know exactly how the furniture was built – then take a look at the video at the end of the article. There the designers show your project and the construction of the individual modular elements in detail.

Garden bench made of wooden pallets – in combination with a built-in plant box on the backrest

Garden bench, planter box, modern space-saving foldable seat

Furniture modern space saving idea project South Africa

Every garden bench has castors and is therefore easy to move

Build your own wooden pallet furniture ideas bench planter boxGarden furniture design ideas wooden pallets build yourself planter

Various modular garden furniture can be assembled from wooden pallets

Garden furniture bench planter box design pallet furniture

Euro pallets as practical two-seater in the backyard

public garden benches city park street

Practical and functional – benches in Johannesburg

Wood made modern idea flower box planter garden bench

The furniture promotes environmental awareness

Flower box modern sculpture South Africa Johannesburg city

Pallet furniture planter design project Johannesburg

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