Funny animal pictures – cute greeting cards for different occasions

Funny animal pictures squirrel kisses

A cute idea of ​​how you can surprise a friend or family member and congratulate them on their birthday with a sense of humor are the cute and funny animal pictures that are guaranteed to create a happy mood. Let the following suggestions inspire you!

Funny animal pictures – make birthday cards

Funny animal pictures bulldog tattoo mom

Above all, a birthday card has to be imaginative – maybe that’s why more and more people are looking for new ideas on the internet. And maybe that’s why the greeting cards with animals are very popular right now – they’re cute, funny and can express feelings. A cool idea is to photograph your own dog or cat and make a birthday card. And if you would like to let your creativity run free, you can make a collage yourself and lovingly label it. We’ll show you some inspiring ideas for this special occasion – for example dog with balloons, cat with bows, hamsters on a swing and much more. The pictures are simply adorable – and everyone who loves animals is guaranteed to please!

Funny animal pictures – greeting cards for different occasions

Funny animal pictures hamster swing ideas

Animals melt the heart – and are therefore a nice idea for greeting cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. They are suitable for practically every occasion. For example, if you have to cancel a wedding invitation, you can still wish them all the best with a fun greeting card. Even if you want to thank a colleague or a friend for something – a nice greeting card is the best choice. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions in the gallery.

Take pictures of your own dog with balloons

Funny Animal Pictures Dog Balloons Ideas

With a greeting card like the one in the picture above, you will undoubtedly bring great joy to a real animal lover. A bunch of colorful balloons is always associated with funny and loud children’s birthdays, with carefree, fun and games. The balloons create a festive atmosphere, after all, it is no coincidence that they are always at parties, festivals and markets. When you’ve taken a unique photograph of your dog playing with balloons, you can turn it into a childish, playful gesture and surprise a family member. With these motifs you will score double points with the recipient. Every dog ​​owner will be happy to see his animal friend. A nice and loving way to wish someone funny moments, freedom and lightheartedness, isn’t it?

Dogs can smile too – and they just look super cute doing it


Have you seen your own dog smile? In fact, researchers have now confirmed that dogs can laugh. That a dog feels comfortable and is really happy when the mistress or master comes home, you can easily see from his face. The smile mainly comes about when you are asked to play or when you are greeted. Research has also shown, for example, that laughter is more pronounced in some dog breeds than in others. You may also discover other characteristics in pets that are very similar to our human behavior. It is well known that dogs take their owner as a role model and adapt to humans. The sight of a laughing dog will certainly put you in a great mood. If you want to put a big smile on the face of someone you love, you are on the right track with such a funny animal picture.

Funny Animal Pictures – You just can’t miss this little puppy’s long tongue


What do you think of a greeting card that depicts an animal with a particularly long tongue or huge eyes? The grin on your face is inevitable when you see this cute puppy. The special appearance of certain breeds or the funny manners that some dogs have certainly make us laugh. Provide such a greeting card with a saying of your choice that is appropriate for the occasion. This is without a doubt a great way to convey nice messages. An ordinary greeting such as “good morning” or a short “love greeting” is perceived as particularly nice on such a great background.

Funny animal pictures – Grumpy Cat wishes a happy birthday


You can also use the cult cat “Grumpy Cat” for inspiration for a funny card or for your next handicraft project. The grim cat is a real sensation. The corners of your mouth, which are pulled down due to an underbite, and this distinctive expression are simply worth gold. If you want to congratulate a good friend on his birthday who has a special sense of humor, this animal motif is for you. Even without any reason, this picture will be a good mood maker, especially if you add a funny, unusual or rhyming phrase to it.

Funny animal pictures – This little dog is already famous in the USA


The cuddly and cuddly dog ​​Boo, who has also conquered the Internet and has a large number of fans, is also a great inspiration for funny animal pictures. Considered the cutest dog in the world, he looks like a soft, cute plush toy. If you want to congratulate a good friend, apologize to him or just show him that you think of him, this cute Spitz is just great. The cuddly face of the tiny four-legged friend and the fluffy fur around it will melt every heart.

Small but hard-working – dog helps in the kitchen


Let your imagination run wild with the selection of animal motifs. Whether you choose a greeting card with squirrels, dogs, cats, mice or hamsters, all these cute creatures create a casual way to transport us into a funny and crazy world that is far away from our sometimes monotonous everyday life.

Funny animal pictures with dogs – cute greeting card for wedding


Funny animal pictures with cats and goldfish are very popular

Funny Animal Pictures Cat Aquarium Ideas

These puppies are just super cute!


Two cool greeting cards for the colleagues…

Funny Animal Pictures Boss Greeting Card Ideas

Or also for the freelancers

Funny animal pictures colleague greeting card ideas

Funny Animal Pictures Pomeran Puppy Sunglasses

funny animal pictures hamster birthday card

Funny animal pictures dog panda costume

Funny Animal Pictures Hamster Greeting Card Ideas



Funny animal pictures dog birthday greeting card