Free Filofax inserts + dividers, stickers & Co. to print out

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Daily lists, monthly lists, for school, for work, shopping lists … This trend is nothing new for the typical to-do list maker. But one thing is certain: The filofaxing hype brings some color into everyday life and offers everyone the opportunity to be creative! That is why all kinds of stationery, washi tapes, stickers, sticky notes, etc. are bought so that everything is nicer and clearer. In addition to the basic material for filofaxing, we now offer you a few Filofax inserts, dividers and stickers that you can download for free and print out yourself.

Which Filofax inserts fit?

Filofax insoles which-dimensions-a5-personal

What is the difference between a Filofax Personal Planner and a Kikki K Organizer? What are the dimensions of A5? With the help of this handy table, you can quickly find out the answers to these questions. Here are the most popular paper sizes and sizes, as well as some of the many different brands of organizer.

210 mm x 297 mm 148mm x 210mm 95 mm x 171 mm 81 mm x 120 mm 67 mm x 105 mm
Filofax A4 A5 staff Pocket Mini
Kikki K Large staff medium
Franklin Covey Classic 140×216 mm
Kate Spade staff Pocket
Marion Smith A5 staff
Dokibook Large Small
Simple stories A5
Mulberry Planner Pocket book
Van der Spek A5 default Junior Mini

* Personal and Compact are the same size, only the rings of Compact are slightly smaller and can therefore hold fewer sheets of paper.

Filofax insert – one week per page

Filofax insoles -personal-pastel-colors-days of the week-honeycomb pattern

The appointment planner is also being used more and more as a diary in which you can record moments for everyday processes or special events in writing so that you can read and relive them again and again. Each page should therefore be lovingly decorated according to the mood.

Filofax Personal insert in black and white

Filofax inserts personal-print-days-of-the-week-honeycomb-pattern-black-white

If you want to try out the principle of filofaxing first, it would be better not to buy so many stationery items in advance. Print some of the inserts and stickers presented here and find out whether you really have the nerve, the time and the inclination to do so. Please note: Filofaxing is contagious! And the decoration madness never ends!

To-do lists and notes


Find out which paper size fits in your planner and print the picture according to these dimensions. A5 can be printed like this: When printing, click on “Settings” to open the printer menu. Set the paper format to A5 and also fill the printer with A5 size paper. Also click “Fit Page” to fit the print job to the loaded paper.

You can also print out the small symbols and motifs in any size. It is best to use sticky paper. Alternatively, you can cut out the motif with scissors and stick it in the planner with a glue stick.

Cool motifs and bright colors


In addition to the calendar inserts, which organize and structure every day perfectly, there are also other inserts that can be used in the Filofax. Dividers, for example, are dividers in the planner that separate the various sections from one another. Real filofaxers make their own dividers out of cardboard or printed out pictures like this one. You can also laminate the homemade dividers so that they are more stable and do not break so quickly. Motivating pictures and sayings are perfect as motifs for the dividers.

Pusheen motifs


There are no limits when it comes to decorating Filofax. For each week you can opt for a certain decoration style such as vintage or a certain color scheme such as black and white. However, it is nicer if the left and right side visually match each other. The monthly deposits can also be color-coordinated with the season. The strip elements and stickers are perfect for marking individual points in the calendar or simply between the individual day boxes.

Relieve stress with coloring pictures


Coloring pages for adults are also perfect as Filofax inserts. The wonderful anti-stress coloring pages guarantee relaxation from a difficult day. Enjoy a few quiet hours between appointments!

Filofax insoles for nutrition, sport and hobbies


On the calendar inserts you can write down what you like, such as upcoming appointments, tasks, phone calls that you have to make or ideas for possible DIY projects. Your interests and hobbies can also be expressed on the other pages. The appointment calendar can also be used as a nutrition / training diary, cookbook or weight loss guide.

Filofax as a food diary – template in pink

filofax-insoles-A5-nutrition-days of the week-pink

Scroll down and discover the wonderful Filofax insoles that are available to you for free! Print out the cool designs and decorate the pages of your planner to give it a personal touch!

Filofax as a food diary – template in green

filofax-inserts-A5-cooking-nutrition-days of the week-green

If you want to design a Filofax for the first time, it is worth considering what you will keep in it and choosing your Filofax inserts accordingly. It is best to use only one Filofax so that you have everything in one place. And above all, the Filofax should meet your expectations so that you can also have fun filling out, designing and decorating. Always have your assistant with you and keep things that you often need to have on hand. These are, for example, travel tickets, admission tickets or maybe even postage stamps. When you have decided what exactly will go into your organizer, you can categorize the individual areas with the different colors and choose the right Filofax insert accordingly.

Sweet floral motifs – calendar insert from Sunday to Wednesday


For example, create a weekly overview of the current week. You are welcome to mark the occupied times. In this way you can always get an overview of which periods are still open and what you can possibly still plan. If you want a simple and clear insert for your weekly calendar, the upper one might be a good idea for you. The little flowers decorate your notes and make the calendar insert look colorful and cheerful. You are also welcome to create to-do lists so that you always keep an eye on which tasks still need to be completed. This way, stress will rarely arise and you can simply check off all duties one by one without forgetting an important task.

Calendar insert from Thursday to Saturday


Your organizer will of course not only contain lists of tasks. You may also want to create a special rewards section to delight yourself with. Each of us sometimes has tasks that we do not like to do and for this reason we keep putting us off. A reward deposit will certainly stimulate you to persevere or get things done as quickly as possible. Another great idea would be to make a list of your own desires, long-term goals, and annual goals. If you would like to make this section even more detailed, you can also define quarterly and monthly targets. Maybe write down your next travel destinations and save on them. If you really like something that you cannot afford at the moment, you can pass it on to your family as an idea for your birthday, Christmas or an upcoming special occasion.

To-do list insert


Has it ever happened to you that you have to get presents and just can’t remember what a family member or good friend wishes for a birthday? It is often the case that during a conversation we suddenly come up with something that a good friend could really like. Filofax inlays for the gift idea list is a helpful and valuable section in your lovingly organized diary, which will not only make you easier, but will also bring great joy to the people you love.

1 page / 1 week


You are also welcome to equip your organizer with Filofax inserts in which you can note new Internet addresses or favorite shops. One stumbles again and again on great online shops that offer extraordinary things of high quality. Then, when you have the time, you can come back and browse the respective shops or take a closer look at websites. If you find new shops in the city, you can also note them in the Filofax and visit them again at a later point in time.

Orange and pink as mood lifters


If you are currently taking care of your diet or have perhaps fundamentally changed your eating plan, you may be able to keep a nutrition log with the right Filofax insoles. Perhaps write down what was on your meal plan on a particular day. You can also create a weekly or monthly overview in which you can monitor your progress. Possible helpful subdivisions with the Filofax pads would be diet, weight and exercise. Decorate this section so that you can keep your goals in mind and feel properly motivated.

Days of the week template – From Sunday to Wednesday


Days of the week template – From Thursday to Saturday

filofax-inserts-staff-print-days of the week

Filofax insert 





Woman’s face in watercolor look


Motivating saying


Design in yellow and black


Aztec motifs

filofax-inserts-A5-print-divider-dream catcher-black-gold

Sayings for coffee lovers





Stickers to print and cut out

filofax-decorate-stickers-print-tea-party-pastel colors






















filofax-decorate-sticky notes-bookmarks-rose-gold-black


filofax-decorate-stickers-gold-black-new year


filofax-decorate-summer-colorful-notes-sticky notes