Folding napkins for Christmas – 17 ideas with instructions

napkins fold christmas elegant red snowflake napkin ring

At Christmas, pay special attention to the napkins and fold them in an interesting way to make the table look even more elegant and festive. The possibilities for Folding napkins for Christmas are infinite! Nevertheless, we have put together a diverse selection for you. You can easily imitate the ideas with the help of the accompanying instructions. Delight your loved ones and yourself with a nicely decorated table on the Christmas holidays. But these ideas for folding napkins for Christmas can also be useful on other occasions.

Folding napkins for Christmas – a pocket for the cutlery


napkins fold for christmas bag design cutlery red white table runner

Instead of a specific figure, you can fold bags out of napkins for Christmas and store the cutlery in them. You can find out how exactly in the instructions. Use napkins in matching Christmas colors or with pretty Christmas motifs.

Fold napkins for Christmas – maple leaf

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napkins fold for christmas maple shape elegant gold plate

The shape of this elegant napkin is reminiscent of a maple leaf, which is where the figure gets its name from. In addition to a napkin of any color, you will also need a napkin ring.

Fold the napkin in the middle

napkins folding christmas wedding idea diy bodeaux

Napkin folded in the middle

napkins fold christmas fold up red fabric

Iron the napkin nice and smooth and then spread it out. The dotted line shows you where to fold the napkin. This means that the napkin is first folded in the middle, so to speak, that it is managed.

Fold corner

napkins fold christmas corner instructions decoration table celebration

First right, then left corner of the napkin

napkins fold christmas table runner brown instructions imitate

Next, fold both the top right and left corners down so that their right angles are touching.

The two folded napkin corners

napkins fold christmas advent deco flaps table decorations

Then turn the napkin over. But be careful not to confuse anything.

Turn the napkin over and fold the top edge down

napkins fold christmas advent design red fabric

The back is now also cut in half. To do this, fold the upper edge down and then level the lower edge.

Fold the lower napkin corners

napkins fold christmas shape ship idea maple leaf

napkins fold christmas colorful decorations banquet table atmosphere elegant

Now fold both corners again, but this time upwards.

napkins fold christmas cozy ambience decorate diy

Folding napkins christmas yourself instructions official occasion

Next, the napkin is folded lengthways at even intervals like a fan, as shown. Hold everything firmly in your hand. If you are satisfied with the shape, add the napkin ring, which doubles as a holder. Now you can decorate the table.

napkins fold christmas place setting decorate fabric plate gold

napkins fold christmas table runner brown table design

napkin folding christmas maple leaf napkin ring holder

Fold bird of paradise

napkins fold for christmas tableware decoration bird of paradise swan figure cutlery

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napkins fold for christmas triangle red fabric edge green

napkins fold for christmas decoration festival idea elegant

napkins fold for christmas table decorations christmas colors traditional

napkins fold for christmas red green combination colors triangle

Fold napkins for christmas instructions bird of paradise pretty table decorations

napkins fold for christmas decoration fabric idea beginners textile

Fold napkins for Christmas handicrafts decorate Christmas Eve

Fold napkins for christmas accent table decoration yourself

Fold napkins for christmas bird of paradise idea iron on fabric

napkins folding christmas bird of paradise yellow video instructions

Round napkin for a fir tree

napkins fold christmas fir tree idea round shape fold

Even a round napkin can be folded for Christmas without any problems. To fold napkins for Christmas, follow the above derivation and you will get a fir tree with a curved shape.

Fold napkins for christmas around fir tree simple idea

napkins fold christmas christmas tree checkered fabric round

Roll up the napkin and decorate it

folding napkins christmas easy beginner roll napkin ring fir wood

Fold the Christmas tree napkin

napkins fold christmas festive table decorations fir red gifts

napkins fold christmas tree fir idea instruction steps

Do handicrafts with children for Christmas

napkins folding christmas idea kids paper tray napkin ring diy

Fold crown for Christmas 

napkins fold christmas crown green idea instructions tinker

napkins folding christmas instructions crown steps green color

napkins folding christmas handicrafts crown feast table

napkins fold christmas crown dark green variant decoration

napkins folding christmas suit idea paper tinkering original

napkins fold for christmas fleur de lis light blue fabric festive

napkins folding christmas hug design earthenware cutlery

napkins fold christmas fir tree idea star instructions

napkins fold christmas fir tree green children craft idea candy cane

napkins fold christmas lotus romantic white solid

napkins fold christmas fortune cookie idea message sticks china


napkins folding christmas fan design leaf flower deco

napkins fold christmas ice cream cone fir cutlery bag christmas eve

napkins fold christmas pink bird of paradise gold accent noble