Even beginners can sew this autumn decoration – easy DIY projects with autumnal fabrics and felt

Do you like sewing and would you like to make some beautiful decorations yourself for autumn? Then this is the right place for you. With our instructions, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional sewer either. Instead, even beginners are welcome to dare to sew any autumn decoration. Whether coasters, sewn pictures or mushrooms to display, we have put together some great ideas. You can even use scraps of fabric for many of them.

Sewing autumn decorations – Instructions for coasters in acorn shape

Sew autumn decorations from scraps of fabric and use them as coasters

  • Remnants of fabric in matching autumn colors or with autumn motifs
  • self-adhesive fleece
  • Tea towel for the back
  • Stencil for acorn
  • Cuff tape, 6 mm wide
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • sewing machine

Sewing autumn decorations - DIY instructions for coasters with patchwork

Sewing instructions for beginners: Before you can sew this simple fall decoration, you must first cut your fabrics. You will need 15 strips approximately 5 cm wide, which you then sew together in groups of five. Iron the patchwork sets. To get a square pattern out of it, cut the three sets of strips again into 5 cm wide strips. The easiest way to do this is to fold a set along the seams and then cut the resulting strip into 5 cm squares. Now, if you unfold these squares, you will get strips of 5 different fabric squares each. You sew these strips together again with five people.

Alternatively, you can cut out 25 squares and then sew them together to create the patchwork pattern.

Sew autumn decorations with fleece and scraps of fabric with a template

Now you need the template in the shape of an autumn acorn, which you cut out beforehand. Pin them to one of the patchwork fabrics with pins and cut them out with scissors. Then cut out the acorn cap from the selected fabric in the same way (preferably dark brown). Place the cap on the left on the right side of the glans as shown in the picture, secure with pins and sew both fabrics together, leaving a distance of approx. 5 to 6 mm from the edge. Then fold the hat over and iron the seam.

Sew autumn decorations yourself

Acorn as a template for interesting pot holders with handles

If you want to sew coasters as autumn decorations, you now have to work in the fleece, which serves as thermal insulation. To do this, glue the glans onto the fleece and cut off the excess fleece along the edge with scissors. Fix by ironing it on. Now place the glans on the kitchen towel with the fleece facing up and pin the edges in place. Cut out the shape. Sew both together along the edge about 6 mm apart. But leave an opening for turning.

Use any fabric in autumn colors and patterns for sewing projects

Now turn the coaster over and sew the opening shut. You are also welcome to add a loop to hang it up. You can sew this autumn decoration and give it away or use it for yourself. It is also well suited as a pot holder. For the latter, however, you could add a little more fleece or thicker just in case.

template here.

Sew autumn decorations with an embroidery frame

Autumn decorations sew on linen fabric in a wooden embroidery frame

  • felt
  • carton
  • marker
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Linen fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Buttons

If you don’t have a sewing machine and would rather sew by hand, you can work with felt and sew these autumn decorations, for which you can also use a beautiful embroidery frame. Cut leaves from the felt free-hand or with the help of a template and stretch the linen fabric in the embroidery frame. Now lay the leaves on the linen fabric and try out which positions you like the most. Then you simply sew the sheets along the edge of the felt.

Sew pretty autumn decorations with felt and linen - instructions for beginners

At the end, tie a knot on the back and cut off the excess yarn. Then you can sew a few decorative buttons at any point and the autumn decoration can be set up or hung on the wall.

Sew mushrooms as autumn decorations

Sew mushrooms as autumn decorations and place on wooden discs

  • Scraps of fabric
  • template
  • Embroidery thread
  • Fiberfill
  • Filling granulate
  • Wooden discs
  • general sewing materials: needle and thread, scissors, sewing machine

If you would like to sew mushrooms as autumn decorations, you can use these simple instructions with a template to print out. If you sew the autumn decoration, you can then use it to create a wonderful autumnal design. But first print out the template from the link below and cut out the elements. You need the circle twice, whereby you only cut out the inner circle of one of the two and also cancel it. Transfer all of the elements onto the fabrics (or pin and cut right out).

Beautiful autumn mushrooms with polyfill and granules on a wooden stand

Fold the rectangle lengthways right sides together and sew the two sides together, leaving a 6 mm hem. You get a hose. Turn the fabric over and iron it. Now put the two circles right sides together and sew them together along the edge (again with a 6 mm gap). You can now turn the fabric through the hole in the middle of one of the circles. Iron again.

Fill the mushroom cap with polyfill. Now sew the small circle that you cut out of one of the circles onto one side of the tube. Fill the resulting stem of the mushroom to a large extent with the filling granulate and the rest with cotton wool. Fold in about 6 mm of the open edge and press with your fingers. You can now sew the stem to the mushroom cap with the embroidery floss.

Decorate your house in autumn with homemade decorations

After sewing the autumn decorations, you can put them on the wooden discs. If they don’t want to stand, they can also be fixed with glue. It is best to create different sizes by simply changing the size of the template and placing the finished mushrooms in groups (e.g. on a large wooden disc). Then your autumn decoration with wooden discs and mushrooms will look even more beautiful.

Tip: If you want to sew longer mushrooms as autumn decorations, simply lengthen the rectangle. For larger mushroom shades, choose a larger diameter for the stencil circles.

Templates for printing here.