Enjoy the French landscape – innovative project for watchtower

french countryside trees-wooden tower-balloons

A watchtower, bird tower, or a replacement for a bicycle and pedal boat? The talented Florent Albinet’s project is not that easy to describe. Its proud 6 meter high tower is built in a lake in France and promotes life close to nature. This is how tourists can enjoy the French countryside in Essone, France.

Enjoy the French landscape – a tower with a difference


In order to enjoy the beautiful French landscape from above, the tourists are first taken to a platform by boat. You will get to know the aquatic animals and birds better. Then it goes upstairs – here the adventurers have to drive the system with leg power, similar to the pedal boat. You slowly reach a new platform where you can lean back and marvel at the beautiful landscape in peace.

The construction is mainly made of wood / bamboo /. Of course, the designer paid great attention to safety.

Enjoy the French countryside – the architect was inspired by nature


The French architect drew inspiration for his project from nature. Nowadays everyone can find beautiful pictures of landscapes worldwide on the net. In any case, humans can only learn to appreciate nature if they experience it closely. Albinet loves the water, but at the same time wanted to show the beautiful forests and meadows in France. That’s why he devoted a lot of time to choosing the location. We are definitely fascinated by his project and can well imagine that nature lovers and bird watchers will appreciate it.

The visitors are transported by means of a platform


The system consists of three parts – balloons, a bamboo tower and a platform above


The view from the top is definitely worth it


The system is powered by leg power


Modern system promotes a life close to nature


Nature lovers and bird watchers are sure to take the chance

French-landscape-lift-pedal boat-one

Comfortable, practical, environmentally friendly – this is how the project can be described


The facility offers seating for two people


Nice view – enjoy the French countryside


Project by Florent Albinet