Engrave signs yourself: With a font engraving you give door signs an individual touch!

Engrave signs yourself Mill metal surface

The first impression counts: A representative office, house or apartment entrance not only impresses with its attractive appearance, but is also designed in a practical way. The so-called periphery plays a decisive role here. Mailbox, house number and bell should be easily recognizable and accessible. Doorbell signs, name tags and door signs are the calling card of the office or home. They provide important information and welcome your visitors in a stylish way. If they are provided with an individually designed engraving, they will attract attention and automatically attract everyone’s attention. We will give you useful tips on how to engrave your signs yourself and what to look out for. Find out what information must be on it, how you can effectively position the lettering and which materials are suitable.

Engraving signs yourself: What do you have to pay attention to when designing?

Engrave signs yourself glass template ideas

If you have your Label the signs yourself then you should first consider what information should be on it and how you can write it down effectively and clearly. We summarize the most important rules for you:

1. Concentrate on the most important information – your name and contact details will suffice. If a sign is cluttered with text, it quickly becomes confusing. Door and mailbox signs in particular should be easy to read from a distance.

2. Select one or two fonts for the sign, which can appear in a maximum of two sizes. If you also want to add a company logo or a picture, keep the text as simple as possible.

3. Images or logos can basically be larger and can be positioned freely on the sign.

Engraving signs yourself: which materials are suitable?

Engrave your own wooden 3D pattern

Bell and door signs should not only look good, they should also be robust. That is why they are made of aluminum, stainless steel or made of plexiglass. Special UV-resistant plastics can also be used.

Plexiglass is an extremely weather-resistant material that is perfect for outdoor use. Different shapes can be cut out of a Plexiglas plate, the edges can be polished and the surface can be engraved. The recently trendy 3D engraving is also possible. You can also backlight the sign if you wish.

Door signs off stainless steel give the entrance area a modern touch. In any case, the material can only be engraved with special milling cutters that guarantee the best possible results. Don’t forget to order the sign with holes for the bell and holes for attachment.

Engrave signs yourself. Mailboxes number brass

Wooden name tags are usually engraved. The natural material looks inviting and blends harmoniously into the overall picture at the entrance to the house. Wooden signs are extremely flexible: if they are sealed with a lacquer, then they can cut a good figure outdoors. If left untreated, they are perfect for the office reception room. Various 3D motifs and fonts can also be engraved into the wood using the new V-carving technique. The signs can be glued, screwed or fastened with magnets.

Brass signs are real eye-catchers that immediately ennoble the entrance area. They can be milled into different shapes, then they are polished and the engraved text is also filled in with dark varnish.

Engrave signs yourself and save money

Engrave signs yourself Buy a CNC machine invest

If you design your signs yourself, you can save the cost of a print template. Many manufacturers offer the option of designing the signs online. You can even upload pictures and position the text anywhere on the sign.

If you are planning a series production of signs, for example if you want to write different nameplates for your company, then you can also buy a CNC engraving machine. The biggest advantage of such a machine is that you can engrave wood, metal and plastic with it.

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