Easily make decoration out of shells yourself

Make your own ideas about decoration from shells

No matter where you use seashells as decoration, use your imagination

If you go to the seaside this year, be sure to collect seashells to decorate. Otherwise, of course, you can buy them in the store. Not only will they remind you of the great moments during the summer vacation, but they’ll also look great as a Decoration from seashells for the House.

Decoration from shells – tinker candle holder

mussels need to imitate tinkering candles soap holder

A little romance never hurts. Warm up a little on the cool autumn and winter evenings by using gold candlesticks Decoration from seashells handcraft. To do this, you need three larger seashells, tea lights and gold paint or a gold spray.

Decoration made of seashells – Have seashells ready

Decoration from seashells candles to set up a bathroom

Spray or paint the shells golden with a brush. Let them dry. Melt the wax in a double boiler or in the microwave. Use it to fill the clams and add the wick that was left over after the tea lights melted. Let the wax get cold and your new candles are ready to go Decoration from seashells done.

Shell candles make decoration ideas yourself

You can leave the mussels in their natural color

If you would like to have a new soap dish for the bathroom, you can also use it as a Decoration from seashells do. To do this, take a large and a smaller shell. The smaller one will later serve as a stand for the clam shell itself. To do this, glue them together with a suitable glue and let it dry well. Now you can put any bar of soap in the bowl.

decoration from seashells sea beach sand

Seashells for the soap dish

decoration from seashells soap holder bowl

An effective soap dish

Use your imagination wherever you use seashells as decorations:

soap holder pink paint nail polish decoration bathroom

Paint the shell in color on the inside

diy candle shell sea slug sea blue

Use a sea snail as a candle holder

Shell decoration succulent plant flower pot idea refined

A shell as a flower pot with a succulent plant