Do-it-yourself ideas with bubble wrap – the packaging film offers many uses in the household

ideas with bubble wrap template stamp bee kids

Not just packaging material – the bubble wrap proves to be a real all-rounder and is used both in gardening and in the household. Whether as thermal insulation for the greenhouse, as frost protection for the car window or as a replacement for the usual knee pads – the ideas with bubble wrap for outside are extremely versatile. It is also used again and again in the house – for example as insulation for the self-made cool box. And one more thing – in the article you will learn how to hang up your clothes without wrinkles, avoid the feeling of pressure when working with garden tools (scissors, brooms) and therefore avoid the annoying bubbles, make a funny stamp with the children and even decorate a chocolate cake with bubble wrap.

Ideas with bubble wrap – tinker with the children

ideas with bubble wrap kids craft ideas

Instead of the children getting bored in bad weather, you can spend a pleasant hour doing handicrafts together. Make a stamp out of bubble wrap! You will need the following materials for the handicraft project: bubble wrap, watercolors, coloring materials, various coloring pages if desired. First create a template (preferably in a circle) and cut 3-4 circles out of the bubble wrap using the template.

ideas with bubble wrap kids apple template stamp

Then have the children apply paint to the bubbles in the foil with a paint brush. Then press the stamp made in this way onto the coloring page. Carefully remove the stamp and let the watercolors dry out. You can also use this stamp and acrylic paint to spice up old blankets, pillow cases, etc..

ideas with bubble wrap children leisure employment hammer practice

Another idea (at least for children from six years old) is to practice using a hammer in a playful way. Fix bubble wrap on the garden table or terrace with tape and give the child a hammer. Draw several targets on the foil with a pen and check with the little one that he is accurate. Never leave the child unsupervised, otherwise there is a risk of injury. In addition, you have to expect a lot of noise.

tinker ideas with bubble wrap calendar gift idea

Are you planning a family celebration? Make a nice present together with the little ones. Provide a calendar with bubble wrap – by pressing on the air bubbles you can mark the days that have passed. This is supposed to have a calming effect and relieve you of daily stress. A cool gift idea that comes from the USA – there are so many fans of this versatile packaging material that they have even founded fan clubs. It goes without saying that the film even has a special day there (at the end of January). Creative companies in Japan have now even brought a toy onto the market that successfully imitates the pressing of air bubbles.

Ideas with bubble wrap – the many possible uses in the kitchen

make ideas yourself with bubble wrap glasses seal thermal mug

The bubble wrap is also used again and again in the kitchen. For example, as insulation – if you stick the foil on glasses or cups, the drinks will stay hot / cool longer. In addition, the glass surface offers a lot of grip, similar to a thermal mug. Surprisingly, the glasses look really nice. The only downside – the design is not dishwasher safe. Our tip – you can seal the edge of the glass with a special adhesive for glass.

Make ideas yourself with bubble wrap pot holders

Creative designers behind the ocean have even made oven gloves out of bubble wrap. In any case, you provided the film with an extra protective layer. Ordinary bubble wrap from the supermarket is therefore less suitable for this purpose and there is a risk of burns.

wrap ideas with bubble wrap cakes cookies

Are you planning a trip with the children, or would you like to bring delicious cookies to the parents as a present? Then the bubble wrap comes to the rescue – carefully wrap each and every cookie – this will keep them cool and the glaze won’t melt on the way. You can also use the foil to transport other foods – vegetables, cheese and fruit in particular stay fresh for longer periods of time.

Pack ideas with bubble wrap food cool box

A cool box is particularly helpful when planning a picnic. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it – and you can make a cool box yourself out of a cardboard box and bubble wrap, pack and transport the rolls inside.

Ideas with bubble wrap – use as a stamp

ideas with bubble wrap cake baking glaze chocolate decorate

Would you like to surprise a birthday child and bake and lovingly decorate the cake for a special occasion? First prepare the cake, then let the pastry cool down and meanwhile melt the chocolate in a water bath. Cover the cake with the hot icing and then press bubble wrap onto the chocolate. Wait for the glaze to harden, then carefully remove the foil. complete!

ideas with bubble wrap clay pot decorate ideas

Similar to the cake, you can also add the patterns to clay pots. Buy clay, make the desired vessel and press its surface with the bubble wrap. Carefully remove the foil and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to complete the pot – depending on the type of clay, you will need to either burn the vessel or simply let it dry. You can then paint the finished pot.

More practical ideas with bubble wrap for the household

shape ideas with bubble wrap bags

So that your favorite handbag does not lose its shape, it should be stored properly, especially when not in use. Fill the bag with bubble wrap and put it in a pouch.

make ideas bubble film boot stretcher yourself

If tall boots are filled with bubble wrap, they also do not come out of shape easily and can easily be stored in the shoe closet. Particularly important with leather so that no unpleasant wrinkles form.

ideas with bubble wrap clothes hang up wrinkle-free

Anyone who likes to wear trousers to work knows the problem – when hanging them up, wrinkles often appear. So that you don’t always have to iron in the morning, wrap the bar of the clothes hanger with bubble wrap (see photo above). So you can look forward to wrinkle-free items of clothing and save yourself the trouble.

Wrap ideas with bubble wrap jewelry

When necklaces are packaged while traveling, they are often knotted into a ball in the jewelry box. Untangling these is not an easy task – save time and nerves by packing the chains neatly and securely. Simply attach the chains to the bubble wrap with adhesive tape at a distance of at least 3 cm and then roll up the bubble wrap. complete!

spice up ideas with bubble wrap old furniture

You just have an old chest of drawers with chipped paint that really needs to be renovated? The piece of furniture can be spiced up with a stamp made of air bubble film and wood paint. Let your creativity run free and create a cheerful ensemble with several colors. A very nice idea for the baby room too.

Ideas with bubble wrap in the garden

make ideas yourself with bubble wrap knee pads

Gardening puts a lot of strain on the knees – hobby gardeners should therefore prefer to avoid overloading and behave in a way that is gentle on their knees. Do stretching exercises in the garden every 20 minutes, train the muscles with daily walks and cycling. With knee pads you can also avoid that the knees are improperly stressed. The pop film is ideally suited as a material for knee pads – the air bubbles guarantee your comfort.

ideas with bubble wrap greenhouse seal window

Air foil as thermal insulation for the greenhouse: Many exotic plants cannot withstand frost and have to be overwintered in the greenhouse. Hobby gardeners cover the windows with masking film and seal in this way. Seedlings, frost-sensitive vegetables and herbs, cacti, succulents, ferns, etc. can easily survive the cold season.

Make ideas yourself with bubble wrap greenhouse thermal insulation

This is how the greenhouse looks when it is completely shielded with the film – especially practical if the windows are leaky. This saves electricity costs for heating.

ideas with bubble wrap frost protection plants

Compost properly – in winter the compost heap is exposed to snow, rain and wind. If not properly protected from storms, either the top layer will dry out completely or rot will develop. In addition, the processes slow down because of the low temperatures. The experts therefore advise wrapping the compost heap with bubble wrap and then covering it with straw.

ideas with bubble wrap antifreeze car tips

The poppy film not only provides thermal insulation in the garden – the car window, for example, can be protected from frost by the material. And if you are stressed at the wheel, you can simply press the air bubbles instead of looking at your smartphone. Allegedly has a very calming effect, especially when the car is stuck in a traffic jam.

drive out ideas with bubble wrap deer garden

Drive deer out of the outdoor area – In search of food, the wild animals keep coming into the gardens and destroying shrubs, fruit trees and flowers in the process. Numerous home remedies have already been tried, but they all have one thing in common – they only work to a limited extent and then the animals get used to them. The hobby gardener should therefore combine and alternate several measures. In the United States, many people place bubble wrap on the lawn. Allegedly it makes loud noises when the animals step on it. That should scare the deer.