Do-it-yourself garden sculptures – 25 unusual ideas

garden sculptures do-it-yourself concrete decoration mosaic blue wall stones

There are many types of decorations that you can incorporate into your garden. Sculptures and other constructions can be a highlight or develop entire themes to make something special out of your ordinary garden. Here are some ideas for Do-it-yourself garden sculptures, that can add a touch of art and creativity to your yard or garden. Sculptures of various animals from bushes, furniture sculptures covered with lawn or bird bath from a tree leaf … these are just a few of the numerous possibilities to embellish your garden with creative projects.

Do-it-yourself garden sculptures from plants

garden sculptures to make yourself unicorn graeser mane gold accents

You can create such a unicorn in your garden from different grasses and create a fairytale atmosphere. All you need is a wire frame to which you can attach the plants or the lawn, as well as other details such as hooves or a horn. That depends on what kind of character you want to create. Basically, almost anything is possible with the right scaffolding.

Do-it-yourself garden sculptures – a bird bath

garden sculptures do-it-yourself bird bath mosaic bushes daffodils

Build a pretty bird bath that will not only serve as a decoration but also for the birds’ fun. The main structure can be made of concrete or some other weatherproof material. Use whatever you like to decorate. Pieces of tiles, shards or colored stones are suitable. You can also spice up an old bird bath with mosaic. Also, don’t forget to fill the bath with water.

Cutlery sculptures

garden sculptures do-it-yourself bird figure forks metal idea

You can make really funny garden sculptures with old cutlery. You just have to be able to weld or ask a welder to do so. For example, you can get a bird like the one above, or you can design a pretty flower, as shown below.

Tinker metal flower for the garden

garden sculptures do-it-yourself spoon flower idea

The flower made of cutlery will always be fresh and will beautify your garden both in summer and in winter. For an even more original effect, you can order several flowers or make them yourself and design an entire flowerbed. Let your imagination run wild!

 Do-it-yourself garden sculptures – furniture made from pieces of lawn

garden decoration idea lawn sofa stool chair

Build beautiful sculptures out of earth, bricks, concrete, metal and pieces of lawn so as not to ruin the harmonious appearance of your garden. A grass sofa or armchair look great in the garden. Choose the location where you want to build the chair. Create a stable structure in the shape you want from brick, concrete or pieces of metal. Then cover the ground with fresh sward. Water the grass often during the first few weeks until the grass sets. Mow the grass regularly so that the armchair doesn’t look wild.

garden sculptures do it yourself bench lawn stone frame

Grass furniture made of a solid material looks really original. They are also easier to maintain. A stone construction is perfect for the garden and creates a natural look. Arrange the stones so that they resemble the shape of a couch.

 Do-it-yourself garden sculptures – decoration from large plant leaves

Do it yourself garden decoration ideas bergenienblatt concrete decoration idea

These sheets of concrete are very decorative and can be made very quickly. You can make beautiful garden sculptures from a huge elephant ear or rhubarb leaf. Get a large sheet of paper and mix concrete. Not too thin so that it doesn’t run off the sheet. Spread foil, put a small mound of damp sand on it and place the sheet on top (with the bottom side up). You can leave the stem on for a decorative bowl, but remove it for a bird bath. Spread the concrete on the sheet to the edge and let it dry for at least 24 hours. The next day, turn the sheet over, peel it off and decorate with paint or glaze.

rharbarberblatt concrete make your own garden art idea

rhubarb leaf made of concrete garden decoration bird bath

leaf concrete shell painting garden art stepping stone


Do-it-yourself garden sculptures boxwood animals seal

Cutting bushes into the shape of animals, creatures or abstract shapes would look very impressive in your yard and instantly attract the attention of family and guests. The topiary can be simple or complicated. Mixed forms require more research, planning, time, and patience until the desired differences in color, shape, and texture are achieved. Add balls, wood, wire and other elements to further represent your idea like the eyes of this cute seal.

garden art boxwood cut birds shape

Beautiful garden fences that impress with a very special design can be created with shaped cuts. The dense boxwood is perfect as a privacy screen and is therefore particularly popular. However, good topiary requires more experience, so you can hire a professional gardener to do the work.

Stone armchair

make garden sculptures yourself furniture stone armchairs

Stone goes well with almost every garden style and many different garden sculptures can be created with it. If you want to combine design with functionality, you can build a garden armchair out of stones. For this, however, flat stones are required, otherwise the piece of furniture will not be comfortable at all. For more comfort, the stone armchair can be covered with a matching upholstered cushion.

People made from clay pots

garden sculptures do it yourself people clay peppers man woman deco

Clay pots also offer wonderful ideas for DIY garden sculptures. So not only can the flowers and plants be beautifully presented, but also creative figures can be created. A great idea for this are these cute males, which are made from large and small clay pots. The boy’s hair is actually a plant, with the girl’s hair being tinkered with straw. The faces of the males can be painted with acrylic paints, whereby the clothing can be sewn from scraps of fabric.

Stroke bowling balls like ladybugs

Do-it-yourself garden sculptures ladybug bowling ball

Small insects as garden sculptures to make yourself fit perfectly in the garden and create a great atmosphere. They can be copied from many different materials in different sizes and spice up the garden area with their beautiful colors. To make ladybirds, you can cut bowling balls in half and paint them in the right colors. The project is also perfect for handicrafts with children and is well suited for spring and summer.

Concrete and mosaic ladybug

garden sculptures do it yourself ladybug concrete mosaic

You can also create pretty ladybugs out of mosaic with the children. For this you need concrete, which you bring in a rounded shape with the help of bowls and plastic bags. To design the mosaic, you still need red and black glass mosaic, as well as an adhesive and a file or sandpaper.

artificial ornamental onion in the garden

Do-it-yourself garden sculptures purple mesh balls ornamental onion optics

The garden plugs are one of the most famous types of garden decorations. They can be designed in any shape, such as animals, flowers, and simple shapes such as spheres. Again, you can use any material and make an original decoration for your garden yourself.

Decorate ball with mosaic

DIY garden sculptures mosaic concrete ball clay pot

Not only can you make beautiful ladybugs with mosaic, you can also create any number of garden sculptures and decorations. There are no limits to creativity and you can experiment freely. Any shape and motif are possible.

garden sculptures horse succulents straw creative

Plants and natural materials can also be used to create original figures for the garden. For a more complicated shape, you need a suitable framework, which you should only plant. Use straw, succulents and other evergreen plants to create a longer-lasting decoration.

garden sculpture idea iron ball wrapped

Garden sculptures made of metal look really elegant and decorative, but they can only be imitated by experienced welders. Once you have drawn up a concept for your decoration, you can hire a welder to produce the figure. This way you will ensure a good result.

garden decoration terrace dining table moss starfish shells

Garden decor hanging succulents bird cage ideas

garden decoration idea make yourself mosaic old cups

DIY garden sculptures stained glass bowls bottle garden art

Do-it-yourself garden sculptures woman dress succulent hair