Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – craft ideas for adults and children

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas for maritime handicraft projects

We show you creative decoration ideas to do yourself, with which you will give your house and garden a new look. Some of the beautiful craft ideas are for children, others are suitable for adults and – in any case, family fun is guaranteed! Let yourself be inspired by the original suggestions in the photo series!

 Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – beautify the house

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas

The first decoration idea is modern and stylish – with this handicraft project you can give the living room or the hallway an extra kick. The decoration leaves free space for creativity and blends in harmoniously with the modern interior. The letters are best arranged on a dresser / sideboard where they create a nice and inspired message.

You need the following materials – colored paper / possibly packaging paper /, white paper 400g, glitter spray, letters cut out of rigid foam board / if desired, these can form a word or simply be grouped with numbers /, fairy lights / one chain per letter, leave this to you consult in detail in the shop – not all fairy lights are suitable /, glass balls, scissors, pencils, rulers, power glue. The number of glass balls is closely related to the size of the letters cut out.

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas with illuminated letters


Cut out letters from the foam board. First stick the colored paper on these letters, spray them with glitter spray / you can optionally paint the plastic letters with the color of your choice /. Then cut out the sides of the letters from white paper and stick them on the foam board letters. Make sure that the same margin / approx. 4-5 cm / both front and back stays / s. Photo above /. Then drill evenly spaced round holes / for example with a pencil / and attach the glass balls first / only the glass balls, metal parts and hangers have to be removed first /. Then you can stick the fairy lights into the glass balls from behind. complete!

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Illuminated letters in one color as an accent


Cut out letters from paper and decorate with decoupage


Wall clock made of wood with an animal shape

Deco-ideas-do-it-yourself-wall-clock-wood-cut out

Decoration ideas-do it yourself-living room-wall clock-animal shape

Copper look lamp

Decoration-ideas-do-it-yourself-modern-pendant light-copper

Make wind chimes out of paper yourself


Tie the bowl out of rope and color it in turquoise


Pin board with a world map made of red cardboard as a decoration in the living room

Deco-ideas-do-it-yourself-world-map-paper-cut out

Make your own paper lantern and lanterns


Embellish cup coasters with watercolors and marble technology


 Make wall decorations yourself out of paper and colored buttons

Decoration ideas do it yourself paper flowers wall decoration

Paper flowers as a wall decoration in the baby room or in the nursery

Decoration-ideas-do-it-yourself-paper-pom-poms-fold flowers


Make flowers from coffee filters yourself


 Handicrafts with children – fish with buttons, candy wrapper and paper



Make cute crabs out of plastic cups, rhinestones and paper


Decoration-ideas-do-it-yourself-children's room-plastic cups-underwater animals-

Children’s painting with watercolors and fabric


Decoration ideas-do-it-yourself-children's room-wall decoration-handicraft ideas

Make dream catchers with the children

Decoration ideas do-it-yourself dream catcher children

Make modern art yourself – project with washi tape and water color


Modern art – make a picture from color sample cards

Decoration ideas do it yourself color sample design

Craft idea with paper – this is how modern art is made


Do-it-yourself vintage decoupage decoration ideas

Decoration ideas do it yourself decoupage wall decoration letters

Fabric letters – perfect for shabby chic decor


Make a bird cage out of paper and hang it up in the living room

Decoration ideas do it yourself paper bird cage

Make wood frames yourself in vintage style

Do-it-yourself decoration-ideas-maritime-decoration-tinker

 Magic vintage decoration in green

Deco-ideas-do-it-yourself-green-white-plant pot

Table decoration-classic-green-tablecloth-make-yourself

Ideas for garden decorations – the plant pot becomes a garden figure

Decoration ideas do it yourself garden figurine flower pot

Decoration ideas do it yourself garden figure instructions

Cut out wooden plant pots



Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – embellish plant pots with gold paint


Deco-ideas-do-it-yourself-paint-plant pot

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – paint stones