DIY wooden picture frames as a personalized gift


Here we would like to show you a simple do-it-yourself project. It’s about a DIY wooden picture frame that is ideal as a personalized gift. It can also be used as a table and place card for special occasions.

DIY wooden picture frames: how to do it step by step


For the DIY project you will need the following materials:

– Picture frame (shape, size and thickness of the wood freely selectable)

– Pyrography set

– pencil with eraser head

– painter’s tape

– fine sandpaper

– graphite paper

– Scissors

– Editable PDF template

Quadruple picture frames with rounded edges can be bought for little money in any craft store. You can of course make these yourself, but that would be too time-consuming and inconvenient. If a wood burning set with a pen and a burning station is not available in the craft store, you can purchase it online. Incidentally, children can also handle burning pens very easily.

Decorations for the DIY picture frame made of wood


First of all, enter the names (e.g. of the guests invited to a party) in the PDF document and position them accurately, choose an interesting font, print out the templates. Then place the templates one after the other on the picture frame, trace the outlines with a soft pencil and cut out the shape. The surface of the picture frame slept smoothly for a short time so that the motif can be applied well. Then fix the template to the top of the frame with the adhesive tape.

Place a sheet of graphite paper in between

DIY-picture-frame-instructions-put a-sheet-graphite-paper-inside

Place a sheet of graphite paper between the picture frame and the template and press lightly with your hand, then trace the name or other ornamentation with the pencil or the pen that is not yet switched on. Eliminate graphite paper.

Put the pen in the socket and wait 3-4 minutes until it has the correct temperature. Usually there is a special lamp for this purpose. Then slowly and carefully trace the pre-painted lines with the burning pen. The longer you stay in one spot while painting with the pen, the darker the burn marks appear.

Tip: To keep your hand steadier and “paint” more slowly, it is advisable to wrap the pen in a cloth.

Personally label the gift


When you’re done, run your hand over the picture frame to remove any remaining fine graphite particles. Voila! The DIY wooden picture frame is ready!

Decorate wooden picture frames by branding


Transfer the name precisely with the burning pen


Creative work with the burning pen

Place card-place card-label-with-pen-ideas-do it yourself

The picture frames as place cards for table arrangements

Picture frame-soft-wood-ideas-personalized-gift

Original wooden pictures and gifts can be made with the burning pen!


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