DIY wooden picture frames – a nice idea for craft fans

Picture frames made of wood branches

Picture frames are not only used to protect the photos from external influences such as dust and moisture. You should also decorate the photo itself and a pretty decoration for the wall or, in the form of standing picture frames, decorate the room as a whole. Of course, nowadays you can buy a wide variety of variants in a wide variety of shapes, designs and colors and made from a wide variety of materials in the store. But the most classic variant is and remains the wooden picture frame. What would you think of just making a pretty picture frame yourself? Today we want you to have a great guide for one DIY wooden picture frame imagine that is very easy to imitate. In the end, you will get a unique frame that you can proudly show off to your friends. It also makes a good gift. So if you can make someone special, have a friend or family member develop the photo of a great memory and give it away together with a self-made picture frame.

DIY wooden picture frames – decorate a frame with wooden discs


This DIY wooden picture frame not only looks great. It also reminds of the forest and nature. It is very easy to imitate. You only need the following materials:

– a finished picture frame. It should be as stable as possible (for example made of wood) and wide.

– glue for wood

– a couple of branches

– a saw

– any photo

And this is how the DIY picture frame is made out of wood


It is best to collect the branches yourself. So you can combine the craft idea with a leisurely stroll with your loved ones, during which your children can in turn collect acorns and chestnuts. Choose branches of different sizes, as well as thick branches. The latter will serve to fill in the holes created between the larger discs.

DIY wooden picture frames – saw the branches


Once you have the branches together, you can start to saw them into slices with a saw for the DIY wooden picture frame. If you want a flat surface at the end, the slices should be roughly the same thickness. With a different thickness, however, there is an interesting effect. So it all depends on your taste. This step will probably take a little more time, depending on the size of the picture frame you have chosen and how many panes you will need accordingly. But don’t give up, because it’s worth the effort!

DIY wooden picture frames – glue on the wooden discs


Now we come to the gluing of the wooden discs. To do this, apply a thick layer of the glue for wood on the frame and start arranging the panes. These should extend a little over the edge of the frame. If you want to make sure that you like the arrangement in the end, you can arrange the panes first and then glue them individually to the picture frame with the adhesive.

DIY wooden photo frames – add the photo

Wood-branches-for-the-picture frames

Finally, add the selected photo. And the DIY wooden picture frame is ready. Wasn’t that difficult, was it? If you enjoyed it and Christmas is almost around the corner, you can make another one and give it away as a gift.