DIY spice rack for the kitchen – create order with these practical instructions

In the kitchen, where there is space for so many different things, an orderly and functional system that offers plenty of storage space is particularly important. Spice racks are a practical matter, because those who like to cook often will have a lot of spices in the house. And of course, these spices should always be at hand and clearly stowed away. Regardless of whether you want a small spice rack or a large spice rack, there are numerous ways in which you can build your own spice racks. And there are various areas in the kitchen that can be used for this: the cabinet doors, the room door, a drawer or a free wall or the rear wall of the kitchen. Today we offer you some spice rack DIY ideas that you can recreate.

Spice Rack DIY - Instructions for building shelves for spices

Minimalist, floating spice rack DIY

Spice rack DIY for a minimalist model made of wooden boards

The first idea is made particularly quickly and easily. For this DIY spice rack you only need a few simple boards and screws. The shelf is intended for a free wall in the kitchen. You should get the following things if you want to build the spice rack yourself:

  • Any number of wooden boards (in the example 6 cm wide and 60 cm long; can be cut to size in the hardware store if desired)
  • Cordless screwdriver and drill bit (5 mm for the boards and 6 mm for the wall)
  • Hanger bolts (5 x 50 mm)
  • Expansion dowel (6 mm)
  • Roll meter and pencil
  • tongs
  • Laser level or spirit level
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood varnish
  • optional: wood glue

Spice rack DIY – assembly instructions

Spice rack DIY with floating effect for the wall made of wood

For the DIY spice rack, first think about where exactly on the wall the shelves should be. Mark these spots with a pencil line. Make sure to draw straight lines so that the spices will stand straight later. You can use the laser level or a spirit level for this. Then take the boards and draw a straight pencil line in the middle on the long and narrow side as well. This and the line on the wall will later be at the same height. Also measure a distance of 10 cm to the left and right of the board and mark the points with the pencil.

In these markings you drill holes for the screws in the wood (5 mm). You also use the board to transfer the points for the holes to the wall, where you then pre-drill holes (6 mm for the 6 mm expansion dowels). Then sand any bumps on the wood smooth, after which you can paint the boards.

Spice rack DIY for hobby craftsmen and beginners

Once the varnish has dried you can go ahead and insert the wall plugs into the wall holes. Then add the hanger bolts as well. Now you can also put the boards on the protruding screws. If this doesn’t work right away, you can help with a hammer. Keep a piece of wood between the board and the hammer to avoid damaging the shelf. The DIY spice rack is ready!

Tip for the spice rack DIY: If the shelf is a little wobbly, you can also fix it with a little wood glue.

Build your own spice rack from wood and with a kitchen rail

Make your own organizer for the kitchen - organize spices clearly and within reach

Not only the spice jars need space. Bags, too, often create a mess in simple drawers. So hanging these up is a good solution to the problem. Learn how to recreate the spice rack DIY from the photo. You need:

  • 1 sheet of plywood (5.5 x 606 x 1220 mm)
  • 1 wooden board (3 x 607 x 1220 mm)
  • Screws (40 mm long)
  • 1 wooden stick (6 x 9 x 2400 mm)
  • Nails
  • Kitchen railing (in the example IKEA GRUNDTAL)
  • Curtain rings with clips
  • optional: a piece of wallpaper
  • circular saw
  • drill
  • 10 mm drill bit
  • Miter saw
  • Auxiliary angle for gluing mitres
  • Screw clamp

Spice rack DIY – Here’s how it’s done:

For the spice rack DIY cut boards and build a frame

First, for the spice rack DIY, you need to cut the sheet of plywood to the size you want so that you get 5 boards. To do this, use the circular saw to which you clamp the wooden board with the screw clamp so that it serves as an orientation and for a straight line. The do-it-yourself spice rack from the example has a size of 50 x 40 x 8.6 cm. If you don’t have a saw at home, you can have this step done at a hardware store. Then cut two of the five finished boards 10 cm shorter. These will later become the two shorter side boards of the shelf.

Build your own spice racks in simple steps - wall shelves for spices, sauces and bags

So that the spices are stable later, they are supported by wooden sticks. To install these, you have to drill holes in the two side walls. With the help of the auxiliary bracket you then assemble the outer frame of the spice rack by screwing the boards together with the 40 mm screws. Then screw the fifth board in the middle of the frame. Now draw the outline of the finished frame on the back wall and cut it out. Nail them to the back of the shelf. You can also design them with wallpaper beforehand. Now insert the wooden sticks through the pre-drilled holes and cut them to size.

Attach a kitchen rail to the underside of the shelf with rings with clips

Finally, you can attach the kitchen rail to the underside of the shelf. Don’t forget to add the rings before screwing. You are done with the DIY spice rack!

Spice shelf DIY with wallpaper and kitchen railing from Ikea

Spice rack made of wood and with wrought iron

Shelf for the splash guard behind the stove

This idea is intended for the splash guard behind the stove, but can of course also be used for another place in the kitchen. We particularly like the combination of wood and ornate angles made of wrought iron. It is ideal for a country-style kitchen. In addition, the DIY spice rack is really quick and easy to implement, so that even beginners can trust themselves. Here’s how you can build the spice rack:

  • 2 thin wooden boards with the dimensions 95 x 9 cm or 1 thicker one with the same dimensions
  • 2 wooden boards with the dimensions 95 x 6 cm
  • 4 screw clamps
  • 2 wrought iron consoles
  • Wood glue
  • Spirit level
  • drill
  • Sandpaper
  • paint brush
  • Polyurethane
  • 22 screws

Spice rack DIY with wrought iron console for splash protection

Since the boards from the example were quite thin, they were first glued to one another using the wood glue and screw clamps and then screwed together at the four corners. As soon as the glue has dried (after about 24 hours), you can remove the screw clamps and sand the wooden board and the two narrower ones. You can skip these steps by simply buying a thicker board.

Since the wood is in the immediate vicinity of the stove and will therefore be constantly exposed to moisture, it is important to seal it with a layer of polyurethane. Use the brush to apply one coat, let it dry, and then apply another coat. As soon as this has dried too, you can assemble the shelf by screwing the two narrower boards onto the large one, so that a U-shape is created.

Now you can attach the consoles to the bottom and you’re done with the simple DIY spice rack! Now just screw the shelf to the wall or the back wall of the kitchen and you can arrange all your spices on it.

By the way, you can also use normal bookshelves for the wall to build such spice racks.

DIY spice storage in step form

Instructions for building a spice rack for the kitchen cabinet

If you are looking for an idea for a kitchen cabinet spice rack, this project is wonderful. Wooden strips are arranged in steps and are then used to set up the spice jars on different and clear levels. It is also practical that this shelf variant can be used for drawers. This is how easy this spice rack DIY works:

  • Wooden strips of any size
  • Drill bits and screws
  • Sandpaper
  • paint

Scheme for a staircase-shaped shelf made of wood for a cupboard or drawer

Sand the wood and then paint it in the color you want. Multiple coats may be required. Then you can already assemble the shelf by sticking the strips on top of each other or screwing them together from below. On the underside you should glue or screw a smaller piece of wood that will serve as a support so that the DIY spice rack does not tip over. Now you can put the spice rack for the kitchen in the cupboard or drawer and sort your spices.

Small shelf in step shape for cupboard or drawer

Spice rack with magnet

Fit the spice jars with magnets and arrange them on the fridge

If you are in a particularly hurry and want it easy, you can also use simple magnets to build a kind of spice rack. There are various options for such a DIY spice rack:

  • Attach a metal plate to any wall in the kitchen and glue magnets to the sides of the spice jars. Now you can fill the glasses and simply fix them to the plate.
  • Attach the plate under the kitchen wall units and glue the magnets to the lids. Now you can “hang” the spices under the cupboards.

Use magnets to hang the spices under the wall units

  • Use the refrigerator instead of a metal plate. Glue the magnets to the sides of the spice jars and simply clip them to the outside of the refrigerator if it’s accessible.
  • You attach small metal plates to the inside of the cabinet door and magnets to the spice jars. Then you can stow these magnetic spice jars practically and space-saving in the cupboard.

Spice rack DIY made of metal in chic copper

Modern shelf for spices in copper

Copper is a modern color that is very popular and often used, especially in modern furnishings in combination with concrete. Therefore, a DIY spice rack in such a design is of course a great idea. Anyone who can weld and has the necessary tools can also dare to tackle this project. Narrow steel plates and angles are used, which are first cut to size and then welded together.

Welding metal shelf for storing spice jars

In order to get the right angles as exactly as possible, you can use heavy bricks as supports as well as screw clamps. Attach another plate with holes to the back in the area of ​​the upper shelf. This is used to be able to hang the spice wall shelf on the wall later. This is what the shelf should look like in the end:

Build spice racks made of steel for a modern kitchen

You can now grind the metal and then paint it with a spray paint in copper. Hang the finished shelf on a free wall and enjoy the beautiful sight of your self-made shelf.

Elegant design for a self-made shelf for the kitchen spices

Spice rack DIY – use ready-made shelves

Hang simple shelves on the walls and use them to sort the spice jars and jars

By the way, you can also make it particularly easy for yourself if you want to make a spice rack yourself. Buy ready-made shelves and use them to display the spice jars and jars. You can combine several shelves to create more space and mount them directly on top of each other or offset on the wall. That would be a DIY spice rack that really anyone can do.

Original idea made from wine barrels with magnets to fix the spices

Hexagonal spice jars with magnets arranged in a honeycomb shape

Small DIY spice rack with metal plate for the wall and hexagonal spice jars in a honeycomb look

Perforated board for the wall with wooden sticks and boards

Simple perforated board provided with boards and wooden sticks

Metal plates on the cabinet door and magnets

Quick and easy idea for DIY spice rack with magnets on the cabinet door