DIY neckerchief mask – ideas with a cloth, tube scarf & with a removable face mask

It’s getting colder and winter is getting closer and closer. And since we will not seem to be banning our face masks into the closet anytime soon due to the increasing number of infections caused by Corona, it would be very useful if you had a model that is also very practical for the winter, wouldn’t it? A scarf mask is just such a variant and we don’t mean an ordinary scarf that you pull over your mouth and nose, but a practical combination of scarf and face mask. Many such models are now available online. But if you feel like it, you can use our instructions to sew such a scarf mask yourself and be fashionable and protected against the cold days.

Sewing a scarf mask - 3 practical DIY instructions

In principle, this type of neck warmer is nothing new. Cyclists and motorcyclists have been using them for a long time to protect themselves from the cold wind. The only difference to this new idea is that a mask is now also integrated in the so-called tube scarf and is therefore also useful during this long-lasting corona pandemic. In those moments when you can take off the mask, it can be conveniently hidden under the scarf and it remains a fashionable scarf as an accessory for your outfit. The mask remains protected from dirty surfaces and you have it ready to hand when you need to put it on again. Not to forget the scarf mask also keeps your neck warm!

Feminine scarf mask made of fabrics with floral motifs

We have already shown you in this article how you can sew a normal face mask. You can buy new fabrics for this purpose, or you can use a T-shirt and other old clothes made of stretchy cotton. Or do you still have a bandana that you are not using? Then make a bandana mask, because it is beautifully patterned and can also be made spontaneously without sewing!

Sew the scarf mask yourself

Neckerchief mask with women's scarf - fashionable accessory that offers protection

Even beginners can try their hand at these simple sewing instructions for a scarf mask. A light cotton fabric was used, but other fabrics such as viscose, which make it easy to breathe, are also suitable. You can also use a scarf that you already have at home to sew the mask scarf. This is how it works:

  • Fabric for the scarf (55 x 55 cm)
  • 2 pieces of the same fabric for the mask (25 x 20 cm each)
  • Fabric for the insert of the mask (25 x 20 cm)
  • Elastic bands (2 pieces each 20 cm)
  • Pins
  • sewing machine
  • Sewing chalk or other to mark the fabric
  • optional: decorative ribbon made of lace, with pompons or something similar

You should wash and iron new fabric first, as it changes its texture after the first wash and can therefore deform after sewing.

Sew a scarf as a mask – this is how it’s done:

Cut the fabrics for the scarf mask and sew according to the sewing instructions

Take the first piece of fabric for the mask and make folds on the two short sides. Pin each fold with a pin. Place the other piece on the insert and repeat the step with both layers. On the large piece of fabric (the one for the scarf), fold all the edges twice to create a hem and to prevent the fabric from fraying and sew once all around. Alternatively, you can also sew on a lace ribbon, bobble ribbon or any other ribbon with the same effect.

Make the mask for the mouthguard scarf

Breathing mask provided with elastic bands for comfortable wearing

Now take one of the two parts for the mask, place it in front of you (right side up) and fix the elastics with pins on the two short sides. Then put the other piece on top as well (right sides together, so the beautiful side on the beautiful side). The rubber bands should be in between (i.e. not sticking out on the sides, but between the pieces of fabric like a sandwich). Pin the two short sides again with pins so that nothing slips while sewing, and sew these and one of the two long sides together. The fourth page remains open. Attention! Do not sew the two short sides in the direction of the open fourth side all the way to the end so that you can slide the scarf fabric between the two layers later.

Combine scarf and mask

Attach the face mask to the scarf and get a practical winter accessory

Now continue with the scarf. Fold the large fabric diagonally once and then again. Mark the crease you get on the second fold to get the center point. Unfold the fabric once and it remains a triangle. Take the mask and fold the edges of the open side outward (shown in the second picture guide in the fourth picture). You can also use an iron to do this if the fabric does not stay in place. Now sew this side down to about 7-8 cm (you need the hole to be able to turn the fabric inside out), cut off any excess and then turn the fabric inside out.

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Fold the mask lengthways in the middle and mark the center point on both sides with sewing chalk. Align this mark with the mark on the scarf, tuck the scarf fabric between the layers of the mask (it should be the folded side of the scarf). Pin the fabrics together with pins and sew the mask and scarf together. Complete! You can now tie the multifunctional scarf in different ways like a women’s scarf and place it over your shoulders. Since children from 6 years of age also have to wear a mask, you can adapt this model to their size and use it for autumn or winter.

Tube scarf for men and women

Sew a scarf mask yourself from a tube scarf

If the scarf is less elegant, but should offer warmth, especially in the cold winter, a tube scarf is a great option, because it completely covers the neck and neck. The integrated mask makes the use of this type of scarf mask even more practical, so that you can choose from it too. How to sew a buff:

  • 0.8 square meters of jersey fabric (you can also use an old t-shirt)
  • Pins
  • sewing machine

Cut the following pieces out of the fabric:

  • 2 rectangles with the dimensions 40 x 25 cm (for men: 43 x 27 cm)
  • 1 rectangle measuring 18 x 25 cm (for men: 18 x 27 cm)

Instructions for a loop scarf with an integrated face mask

Place the small rectangle in front of you with the left side down and fold the bottom side up to create an approx. 1.3 cm wide hem. Now sew along the hem. In doing so, you should stretch the elastic fabric. Then place the small rectangle left sides together on one of the two large rectangles. The short side without a hem rests on the edge of the large rectangle (the hem is at the bottom). Pin the fabrics together and now sew the three sides together. You will receive a bag in which you can put a filter.

Openings for the ears

Sew holes for the ears for a comfortable respirator with Buff

Of course, your neck scarf mouthguard still needs openings for the ears. In order to get this, you have to cut into the fabric on the left and right. To do this, place it in front of you again as you just did and measure 2.5 cm to the left and right from the upper edge and cut the fabric about 0.6 cm deep at this point. Now measure 6 cm from this point (i.e. 8.5 cm from the upper edge) and cut into the fabric there again 0.6 cm deep. For a men’s scarf mask, the distance between the two incisions should be 7.5 cm. Then fold the fabric between the incisions outwards on both sides (pin in place with pins), turn the two layers of fabric over and then repeat this on the other side as well. Sew a hem on all sides, pulling the fabric apart again.

Sew the hem and turn the scarf inside out for a 2-in-1 face mask

Now take the second large rectangle and place it right sides together on the other piece with the finished ear holes. Pin the left and right fabrics together and sew them together, stretching the fabric again and leaving out the holes for the ears. You get a hose. Finally, you still need to sew a hem at the top and bottom. To do this, fold the fabric up about 6 mm wide and pin it in place at intervals. Sew once all around (along the circumference) and repeat with the other side. Now you can turn the Buff scarf mask inside out and insert a filter into the pocket if necessary.

The finished tube scarf with an integrated pocket for filters

Neck scarf with removable mask

Scarf mask with buttons for easy removal of the face mask

Finally, we would like to show you a video that shows how you can sew the first idea for a scarf mask a little differently. The mask is not sewn onto the scarf like above, but rather provided with buttons. In this way, you can wear both parts separately if you like. The pattern for the pattern can be found in the article below.

Alternatively, you can just follow the instructions above and then skip the step of sewing the mask to the scarf. Instead, attach snaps to the bottom of the mask. As in the instructions above, place the center of the mask at the center of the triangular scarf and transfer the spots onto the scarf with the buttons so that they are evenly spaced. Then attach the other part of the buttons to the markings and you’re done!

Sewing pattern for cloth with removable mask.