DIY ideas for furniture from pallets – 15 exciting projects


Do you want to give your old Euro pallets a second chance in the garage? We can help you with this. Here are a few great ones DIY ideas for furniture made from pallets. Take a look at these 15DIY furniture ideas, you might even try one of them! Check out the images below – these will hopefully inspire you to create something new and unique.

DIY ideas for furniture made from pallets – give the interior a rustic touch


The reuse of old pallets into something that is not only practical but also unique and modern. This is the ultimate way to recycle. With a little creativity, you can achieve a lot too. There are so many clever ways to reuse defective devices, old furniture or even everyday household items. What was once supposed to go in the garbage can can now be something unique for your interior.

DIY ideas for furniture from pallets – sun lounger


Garden table and folding chairs made from pallets

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-garden table-chairs

Space-saving furniture set for the garden

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-garden table-folding chairs

Armchair made from Euro pallets for the living room

DIY ideas furniture pallet armchair

 Build your own dining table from pallets

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-dining table-massive

Modular sofa – set for the living room – made of pallets, of course

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-sofa-low-living room

Wall shelves made from wine crates / optionally you can also use pallets

DIY ideas furniture pallet wall shelf

 Build your own bar stool from pallets

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-bar chair-without-bolts

Three coffee tables made from pallets with plastic tabletops


 Cool garden chair made from Euro pallets


 Lounge furniture for the garden – the chair becomes a table in no time at all

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-garden table-chair

 Cool table made from pallets

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-coffee table-wood

 Coffee table with castors made from pallets

DIY-ideas-furniture-pallet-coffee table-casters