DIY gifts for girlfriend – 11 creative ideas and instructions


Perhaps the best gift a woman or a girl could get is something she has made herself. It shows affection, attention and personal relationship with people. In principle, women are in a very romantic mood, that’s why DIY gifts for girlfriend of all types are certainly very well accepted and if you invest more time and diligence in it – a real hit.

DIY gifts for girlfriend – special packaging


Women would really appreciate a gift, whether it is small or large, expensive or cheap, if it is nicely packaged. Personal card, beautiful paper, colored ribbons look really attractive and special.

DIY gifts for girlfriend – make a love picture


If you want to make a small love present for your best friend yourself, then make a love picture with several tiny little hearts. You can punch these out of old cards or colored paper in just a few minutes.

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DIY gifts for girlfriend – decorative bowls for jewelry and other items


Make something nice for a friend. Women like jewelry and instead of buying expensive ones and perhaps not completely matching their taste, they make their own organizers for jewelry or other items. In the picture gallery you will find many suitable and simple ideas that you could bring to life yourself. Have fun doing handicrafts!

 Decorative bowls made of modeling clay for jewelry 

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-bowl-modeling clay-marble-effect-jewelry

useful materials and tools

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-materials-fimo-modeling clay-color-knife

Mix colored polymer clay


 Cut out the circle to the size you want


chic decorative bowls as a jewelry organizer

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-bowls-jewelry-modeling clay-marble-effect-paint

* a DIY project by A beautiful mess

 DIY gifts for girlfriend – chic self-decorated panel made of natural wood

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-wooden-board-cutting-board-cup coaster-geometric-shapes-color

Color the wooden disc using tape and paint

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-wooden board-cutting board-cup coaster-wood-colors

chic plate as a cup coaster or cutting board 


* a DIY project by Lovely indeed

DIY gifts for girlfriend – engraved cutting board 


Wood with Burn, engrave and personalize woodburning pens


 Personalize the cutting board

diy-gifts-girlfriend-instructions-wooden board-wood engraving-personalize-tinker-wood

Creative and practical birthday present for girlfriend


* a DIY project by Design mom

Make a DIY jewelry organizer from old picture frames


Get a wooden frame in the desired size


Fasten rough sackcloth to the back with a staple gun


Design the old picture frame in color according to your own taste 


Screw in hooks on the side to hang up the whole organizer or for jewelry


Let the earrings hang on the sackcloth with ear hooks


* a DIY project by Pop Sugar

Small gift for girlfriend – glass jar full of little things




Two of the same Make “best friends” bracelets yourself 


Give a self-made picture for great personalized wall decoration

DIY gifts for girlfriend -picture-tinker-square-parts

Give a basket full of delicious things and a voucher for a nice restaurant

DIY gifts for girlfriend - basket coupon delicacy idea

Lovingly self-decorated coffee cups 

DIY gifts for girlfriend -cups-design-decorate-gold-pink-felt-tip pens

Make your own Scrable cup coasters

DIY gifts for girlfriends - cup coaster - cork - scrabble - tinkering