DIY drying arrangements for spring in vases, glass bells or as balls – instructions & ideas

Yes, arrangements of fresh flowers are really pretty to look at and a great way to decorate your home in any season. However, these usually do not last very long and have to be redone again and again. The perfect alternative is the arrangement of dried flowers, because it lasts forever and is no less attractive – ideal if you want to decorate with long-lasting flowers to match spring. You can buy dried flowers for this purpose, or you can dry flowers yourself. We’ll show you how you can use dried flowers to make beautiful dry arrangements for spring.

Nice idea for dry arrangements for spring in a metal bowl with branches

Dried flower arrangements, but also wreaths, are often associated with autumn. In order to avoid this and so that the dry arrangements for spring really go with spring, not only the right types of flowers are important. You should also pay attention to the choice of color. In order to achieve a well-filled arrangement, you will also use other types of plants in addition to the flowers (e.g. grasses, wheat and others). It is best to choose them dyed in colors associated with spring or use them a little more sparingly. After three simple instructions for sample arrangements, you will find a few pictures with dried flowers as arrangements, which should serve as inspiration.

Dry arrangements for spring in strong colors

Make your own drying arrangements for spring in pink and yellow

Our first idea impresses above all with the strong colors that are also typical of spring with all its diverse flowers. So if you want particularly colorful dry arrangements for spring, which are guaranteed to put you in a good mood, opt for this idea.

  • Dried plants and flowers in bright colors (you can also dye them yourself with spray paints)
  • Planter / planter or any other container
  • Floral foam

Cut the floral foam so that it fits into the selected container and then place it in it. And then you can start plugging. How exactly you should arrange the individual parts depends above all on how or where the dry arrangements are to be displayed for spring: If it is later on a wall, the highest elements should be at the very back and the arrangement should be towards the front get smaller.

Instructions for a vase of pink and yellow dried flowers for spring

If, however, it will be the center point (for example as a table decoration in the middle of the table), then arrange rows of plants and dry flowers in a circle: In the middle are the highest, around and in a circle you then distribute the next highest and so on. In this way, you ensure that the arrangement can be viewed from all sides and that none of the plant parts used are hidden, but can come into their own.

For this example of colorful dry arrangements for spring, cut out the tall elements first. Stick them in the foam. If you are happy with the layout, move on to the next row. You can remove, exchange and / or replace elements at any time.

Decoration with dried flowers in a bell jar

Make your own dry arrangements for spring in a bell jar

Glass bells are simply made to display various decorations and arrangements. They are also protected from dust under the glass. Perfect right? Take in a few dried flowers, grasses and plants and make the following idea for dry arrangements for spring. Artificial moss is also used for the dried flower decoration in the bell jar.

  • Bell jar
  • Artificial moss
  • any dried flowers and plants
  • Floral foam
  • Glue
  • cardboard

DIY instructions for a flower arrangement with artificial moss and dried flowers for a bell jar

Cut a circle out of the cardboard that fits on the bottom of the bell jar. Then cut the floral foam in the same way. This should be a little smaller than the cardboard circle. Glue the floral foam to the cardboard and spread glue on the foam to cover it with the artificial moss afterwards. Finally, cut the dried flowers and plants to the desired size and stick them in the foam in any arrangement. Make sure the pieces aren’t too long to fit under the bell jar.

Ball-shaped drying arrangements for spring to hang up

Kissing ball as an original drying arrangement for spring

Such balls are known as kissing balls and often decorate apartments, especially at Christmas time as a substitute for mistletoe or wreath, but are also very popular for weddings. However, we also find the idea perfect if you want to make dry arrangements for spring. You can make such an interesting spring drying arrangement using either a styrofoam ball, spherical floral foam, or chicken wire.

Arrangements in the form of balls to hang up in spring

Styrofoam is a bit harder and more suitable for firmer branches. If, on the other hand, you would like to use thin flower stems or other delicate plant parts, it is better to use the classic floral foam or shape a ball out of chicken wire, through the mesh of which you then simply stick the dried flowers.

Inspirational ideas

Dry arrangements for spring - colorful grasses and flowers

Dry arrangements for spring in shades of pink, white and yellow

Romantic colors for dry arrangements for spring - pink, rose, purple and yellow

Fresh roses and dried grasses with paper decorations

Combine dried flowers and fresh ones and decorate with paper

Dried flowers and fresh roses in the terrarium

Dried flowers and roses in romantic colors in a terrarium

Arrangement in subtle beige and pink accents in a vase

Put the grasses and dried flowers in a vase and arrange them

Use colored flowers and plants for spring arrangements

Small dry arrangements for spring in bright colors

Lush arrangement of dried plants for the bell jar

Do-it-yourself glass bell decoration with dried plants

Idea in subtle colors for spring – white, cream and beige

Dry arrangements for spring in simple colors such as white, cream and beige

Combine dried flowers in spring with fresh parts of the plant

Fresh and dried plants combine for a spring arrangement

Dried pink flowers under a bell jar

Decorate with glass bells and dried flowers

Hanging arrangement of dried and colored leaves

Hanging dry arrangements for spring in subtle colors, lavishly arranged

Dry spring bouquet in a vintage mug

Make your own arrangement with colorful dried flowers in a vintage cup

Design dry arrangements in a modern way with just a few elements

Make dry arrangements modern and simple in a vase with floral foam