DIY dream catcher for a peaceful sleep free from nightmares

diy dream catcher instructions deco bedroom vintage

I have to tell you frankly, there is a big transformation going on in the textures field right now! It is so remarkable and so impressive, I am fascinated by it! Let’s start with the intricately embroidered tapestries and move on to the more modern DIY versions, the texture is on the walls and it will stay here! Yes, I really hope so! Today I want to give you a guide for one DIY dream catcher present that is very dear to my heart. Personally, I’ve been dreaming about it since I was 11 years old.

DIY dream catcher – you will need:

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So here is everything you need to make your own little DIY dream catcher:

– any size embroidery hoop you like, really!

– Lace fabric – Take what you have on hand, such as an old tablecloth

– a variety of bullets

– bow, string, yarn, wool or whatever else you have. You can also combine!

– Feathers

– glue (super glue or a hot glue gun)

– Scissors

DIY dream catchers – feathers and other accessories

dream catcher materials string feather peacock instructions decoration

If you’re a real DIY fan like me, you’ve probably already found out that you actually already have all of the necessary materials for this project at home! Now we want to get started with the DIY dream catcher right away.

DIY dream catcher – cutting the tip to size

diy dream catcher stick ring lace tablecloth cutting scissors

For the DIY dream catcher, cut a piece of lace, exactly according to the dimensions of your embroidery hoop, so that it fits in there. This is also a good opportunity for you to choose a specific pattern on the top that may end up in the middle.

DIY dream catcher – secure the tip between the rings

diy dream catcher embroidery hoop lace tinker scissors purple

Take apart the two hoops of the embroidery hoop and place the lace fabric inside so that it is stretched. Now you can center your chosen pattern for the DIY dream catcher and then pin and pull the outer hoop in place. Now it’s time to trim off the excess lace fabric on the tire as much as possible.

For the dream catcher, stretch the tip and glue it if necessary

dream catcher ring idea point pink instructions diy

This could be a good time to use some of the super glue or glue gun for the DIY dream catcher. If you have a slippery fabric, you could use superglue or the glue gun right now. This will make your work easier. You will end up with the result shown here:

Decorate dream catchers

diy dream catcher feather white tip stick ring idea

Now is the time to decorate your DIY dream catcher: tie a bow or ribbon, but make sure that all the knots are tight on the back of the knitted frame. You can also add some pearls on your lace or just leave it as it is!

Imagination is required in the DIY dream catcher

diy dream fender materials scissors twine beads lace tinker

This part of your creative work is really fun! Make a Big Mess! Take out all sorts of materials! Yes, I mean it … this is part of the DIY dream catcher process! Now mix as you wish, everything according to your taste and really let your creativity play a role here!

Complete DIY dream catcher

diy dream catcher idea vintage style decoration lace rose

Dream catcher in detail

dream catcher diy feathers decoration vintage beads accessory

Use pearls of all kinds for the dream catcher

diy dream catcher beads feather ring tip instructions

Once you have the look you want, you are already done with your DIY dream catcher. You did it, it was by no means difficult, was it? And don’t forget, you can always renew this look by adding new pearls, plumage, or even a tassel. It’s easy as pie!

The finished DIY dream catcher

make dream catchers yourself decoration wall bedroom vintage design

More inspirations for the DIY dream catcher:

Traumfaenger inspiration beige white rustic romantic deco lace

Colorful dream catchers

dream catcher ideas colorful peacock feather tip decoration interior

Three-part dream catcher in red and black

dream catcher diy inspiration red tip three-part feathers design