DIY door wreath with ring – beautiful and simple design in an embroidery frame or metal ring

A beautiful door wreath can decorate the entrance area at any time of the year and for any occasion – also in spring. Because welcoming the guests with a door wreath creates an even more inviting atmosphere. If you don’t like lavish and cluttered designs for wreaths, but prefer to create discreet eye-catchers with a few accents, a door wreath with ring is exactly the right choice. Unlike usual, a styrofoam ring is not used, but a pretty embroidery frame or metal ring, which in the end together with a few decorations gives the wreath an elegant look that everyone will be jealous of. We will show you instructions for this type of door wreath with ring as well as some sample compositions as inspiration for your own creations.

Thin wire ring with decoration of flowers and cherry blossoms

As with any other variant, you can use real or artificial plants for the door wreath with ring. Real flowers and parts of plants may look livelier, but they need to be replaced regularly. Artificial alternatives, on the other hand, look confusingly similar to the real ones these days and ensure that you can flaunt the wreath for as long as you want and when you want. You have the choice!

Decorate the door wreath with a metal ring for spring

Door wreath with ring - Plain green on a metal ring and flowers as accents

If you use a metal ring for the door wreath, the choice is yours – take the multi-row one, which is a bit more eye-catching and can present a luscious arrangement, or go for a very thin model for an even more minimalist look. Or you can go a step further and bend thin wire however you want to create your own design. How about a wavy look or a zigzag, for example? Be creative. You could design the door wreath with ring, for example, with artificial green plants in the following way:

  • Metal ring
  • artificial greenery and flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutter

Metal ring for wreaths with artificial flowers and green as a spring decoration

Choose the part of the ring that you want to design. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the lowest area. An arrangement on one of the sides also looks very nice due to the asymmetry. At the selected point you first tie your largest element with the floral wire. You can then distribute the smaller ones around it, with the smallest being attached last. Insert any flowers here and there for color accents between the green to get a pretty door wreath with a ring (in the example lavender, but also spring flowers such as snowdrops, daffodils or crocuses are very suitable).

No matter what type of metal ring was chosen for the wreath, the procedure remains the same. On a thinner model, you only have to tie the elements a little more tightly, otherwise they can slip more easily due to the small contact surface.

Beautiful door wreath with spring flowers in an embroidery frame

DIY decorations for spring with floral elements

With an embroidery frame, you do not, in principle, proceed differently than with a door wreath made of wire. You start again with the largest item. If you are using lush flowers (peonies in the example), you could start with the green and spread it out and then attach the flowers over it. In this way, the flowers turn into the main element and the green is only intended for framing. However, if you use smaller flowers, you can use them as color accents, as in the example with a metal ring, and insert them between the green. The result is a beautiful metal ring decoration for spring!

Door wreath with ring - decorate the embroidery frame with peonies

Before you tie everything in place, you can first put the ring in front of you and distribute all the elements on it. In this way you get an idea and can easily swap, replace and rearrange the elements without having to untie the whole arrangement again. You can paint the wooden embroidery frame in any color to make the arrangement even more colorful.

Design an embroidery frame with tree blossoms as an Easter bunny

Simple, funny wreath with rabbit ears made of paper or felt and with cherry blossoms

Spring time is also Easter time at some point, so wreaths that take up this festival as a theme are just as great a craft idea. Isn’t that Easter bunny just cute? And it’s not difficult to make either. Use hot glue to glue artificial tree branches with flowers at the bottom to the side of the ring. The ears are cut out either from paper or from felt and can not only be white, but can also be designed in any color. Place the ring on the lower edge of the ears, fold this edge over at the back and glue it in place. If you want, you can make a banner with an Easter saying (e.g. “Happy Easter!”) And hang it in the ring.

Combine three rings

Make your own door wreath with ring - decorate the rings with fern leaves and white tulips

Not just a single ring looks great. The combination of three different sized metal rings is simple and eye-catching at the same time and sometimes a great change from the classic. A little green and a spring flower here and there and you get a spring decoration that everyone will be jealous of!

  • Metal rings in three sizes
  • green, artificial leaves (e.g. fern)
  • artificial tulips of any color (or other spring flowers)
  • Florist’s tape
  • thin wire
  • possibly hot glue

Combine metal rings in different sizes for a modern door wreath

You can put the three rings together as you like and then tie them together with the wire. And then you can start designing. It is best to tie the leaves and flowers to the rings with green florist’s tape. It is recommended to choose a place where you also tied two of the rings together to hide the wire, but of course other areas are also allowed. First attach the green and then set accents with the flowers. You can also glue these on with hot glue.

Make a door wreath with a ring – use other elements

Boho door wreath with ring and strips of fabric in delicate rose and peonies

You can design such minimalist wreaths for the door not only with flowers and parts of plants. You are also welcome to use other decorative elements. Just be careful not to overdo it with the amount in order to maintain the sleek, sleek look. Just make sure that part of the ring remains visible. How about, for example, a couple of long strips of fabric that hang loosely from the ring or a pretty macrame? Subtle bows are also suitable, and even homemade paper flowers (only suitable for indoor use). Come up with something nice!

Ideas & Inspirations

Make a door wreath with a ring for spring - roses on an embroidery ring and a banner made of burlap

As you have seen, it is anything but complicated to make a minimalist door wreath with a ring. Even beginners won’t have any problems with it. However, some people lack ideas. That’s why we’ve put together a gallery of different designs for spring for you below, which you can use as a suggestion the next time you want to design a metal ring or embroidery frame.

Pink flowers and gray-green leaves with a pink bow on a gray metal ring

Simple and beautiful with real pink flowers and branches

Door wreaths with rings in different sizes - hanging laurel, eucalyptus, pink thistle in groups

Arrangement in warm colors

Design a door wreath with a ring in warm colors - idea for spring and Easter with flowers

Hang pink rings in groups

Hanging up the door wreath with the ring in groups - ideas with delicate pink nuances for the flowers

Green colored embroidery frame and flowers made of crepe paper

Green wooden ring with pink flowers made of crepe paper

Fresh flowers hang in rings

Flower arrangement with colorful blossoms or flowers hanging in a ring

Wrap the ring with washi tape and fix the tulips in place

Wrap a thick metal or wooden ring with washi tape and design it with mini tulips

Blue embroidery frames decorate with spring flowers

Paint the embroidery hoop blue and decorate it with spring flowers

Nice idea with a pink bow

Peonies and pearls in a spring wreath arrangement on a pink bow

Small door wreath with an elegant arrangement

Asymmetrical design with a wooden ring and floral decoration

Vintage and modern at the same time with roses and annemones

Vintage wreath for spring with roses and leaves

Peonies and cherry blossoms

Spring decoration with natural materials - pink peonies and cherry branches with blossoms

Lush peonies

Large flowers on a wooden ring - peonies and gypsophila as decoration

Modern door wreath with delicate flowers and green in a brass ring

Romantic spring decoration with brass ring and white and pink flowers

Romantic design in spring colors – dusty pink with dried flowers

Romantic idea with dried flowers for spring in dusty pink

Make flowers out of paper and create a wreath that is ready for spring

Make your own round embroidery frames with flowers out of paper or felt

Colorful paper flowers

Romantic spring wreath made of wood and paper for the flowers

Romantic ideas with roses, lavender, tulips and other flowers

Door wreath with ring - metal rings and embroidery frames decorated with spring flowers

Colorful spring wreath

Door wreath with metal ring and flowers in blue and pink, forsythia and cherry blossoms

Door wreath with ring, pink tulips and lace bow

Metal ring decoration for spring with pink tulips and lace bow