DIY decoration from mason jars – a few nice ideas

DIY decoration with mason jars name tags

As you have probably already noticed, the possibilities are endless, DIY Decoration made of mason jars to design. The reason for this is that they are suitable for lighting, as well as canning and storage. You can also use it as a glass for drinking or as a vase for various flowers. Also here on our site, we have several examples of this. They are timeless and can be used as decoration both indoors and outdoors. You are versatile and charming. The best thing about them, however, is that they are also cheap and that is why they are so popular as a material. Today we would like to give you a few ideas on how you can create a DIY decoration from mason jars to make your next party pretty and cozy. Try them out while the weather still allows for garden parties!

DIY decoration from mason jars


The reason that the mason jars exude such a cozy and sometimes nostalgic atmosphere is that they are usually associated with the time when you sat in the field at the end of a wonderful summer’s day and sipped a lemonade with relish. So when you add a nice party decoration to your already planned party DIY decoration from mason jars combine, a relaxing atmosphere will be guaranteed.

DIY decoration from mason jars – hung jars decorate your tree

Satin ribbon or string hung mason jars

For example, you can have a slightly taller tree in your garden for one DIY Decoration made of mason jars choose. You decorate this with mason jars, which you attach at different heights with cord. Finally, simply fill the glasses with candles.

Mason jars as sundaes


Use them as a sundae. Fill them with different flavors of ice cream and keep them in the freezer until ready to be eaten, or you can keep icings in them in case you have a coffee party planned.

After filling the glasses with your favorite beverage, put the glasses on ice. Also add a piece of fresh fruit.

Chain of lights made of mason jars

Fairy lights made of mason jars

Instead of candles, you can make a DIY decoration from mason jars with the flashing lights of a chain of lights. To do this, just let one or two lights fall into the hanging glasses every now and then while you are hanging the fairy lights. Use wire to make handles for hanging the glasses. After that, wrap a nice piece of cloth around the glass and put candles in it. This decoration made of mason jars is ready.

Fill them with a refreshing fruit wine spritzer

Fruit wine spritzer-in-mason jars-with-lemon

You can fill the mason jars not only with drinks, but also with desserts. That would be an original idea for the birthday cake, wouldn’t it??

Candles in mason jars

floating-candles-in-mason jars

Fill each mason jar you plan to use with water and float special candles in it. You get an effective decoration made of mason jars, which also serves as lighting.

Table decoration with mason jar

Lolipop-in-mason-jars-as-table decoration

How about a table decoration made from a mason jar? Simply apply a little blackboard paint. You can not only float candles in the glasses. Fresh flowers are also suitable and look wonderful.

Mason jars with decorative sand and candles

Decorative sand with candles in mason jars

Let the jars for this decoration made of mason jars hang from a tree again. This time, though, fill them with sand first and then add the candles. Decorate with a pretty ribbon. You can also use a mason jar as a table decoration, tie a pretty ribbon around it and fill it with your favorite sweets.

As original vases for flowers

Flower vase made from mason jars

Simply use them as original vases and you will quickly have a decoration made of mason jars. To do this, you can leave it with its original, see-through look or you can paint it in any color.

Jam-at-the-table-from-mason jars

floating-flowers-in-mason jars

beautiful-desserts-on-mason jars

Name-tags-for-party-on-mason jars