DIY bobble hat – sew an individual accessory yourself

DIY bobble hat instructions-bobble-artificial-fur

You can make a bobble hat yourself without using a lot of materials. For the DIY bobble hat all you need is a hat, a bobble made of artificial fur, as well as a needle, thread and scissors. It doesn’t matter what colors you choose for, of course DIY bobble hat use. A wool bobble is also suitable. It all depends on your taste. This idea is perfect if you are a fan of hats. In this case, you can sew several hats at the same time, because as you will find out, it is very quick. If you never wear hats, check out these instructions for one DIY bobble hat and you’re guaranteed to change your mind. So let’s start sewing now:

DIY bobble hat – Simple materials

DIY bobble hat instructions-synthetic-fur-bobble-sew

1. Before you start sewing the DIY bobble hat begin, add a double knot to the end of the thread.

DIY bobble hat instructions


2. Pull the needle through the center of the bobble.


3. Now stick the needle through the middle of the hat, where the bobble is to be attached. Pull the thread nice and tight.


4. Put the needle back through the hat (not the same hole) and pompom and pull tight. But you should use the same spot for the bobble.


5. Pierce through the bobble and the hat again so that you can get through the inside. Repeat this a couple of times so that the bobble is nice and tight.


6. When you start sewing the DIY bobble hat done, make a double or even triple knot