Designing the kitchen – idea for a wooden cutting board to make yourself

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Freshen up your kitchen – with this simple idea for wood Cutting board for do-it-yourself. We will not only encourage you to create original shapes – we will also give you tips for cleaning and storage.

Make wood cutting board yourself – which wood is suitable?

Kitchen pizza cutting board yourself

Numerous studies have tried to compare wood and plastic. Although wood has basically been replaced by plastic in the food industry, there is no clear answer to the question of which material is healthier. Pine wood is recommended because of its antibacterial effect. Other materials that are often used in the Wood cutting board Choices to consider are beech, birch, olive wood. Bamboo has been looking forward to being particularly bulky and popular in recent years because of its high durability, but you have to expect a higher price. So choose the material that works best for you and buy a wood panel. You can think about the dimensions in advance. In our example we show three different sizes of cutting boards – with the idea that they can also be used for serving.

Make your own wooden cutting board – tips for cleaning and storing

oversized cutting board serving table

A practical idea is to have several kitchen boards for different foods – you can cut fish on one, and fruit and vegetables on the other. When cleaning the cutting boards, do not put them in the dishwasher – the wood may swell from treatment. Rinse the wooden boards carefully with hot water and washing-up liquid. Leave the cutting boards upright. Oil the wood regularly with olive oil or linseed oil. To make them last longer, they can sometimes be re-sharpened.

Cutting board do it yourself – buy a pine wood panel

Pine wood cutting boards material

Wooden cutting boards – cut out according to a template

Cut out wooden cutting board

Cut out the shape – and the wooden board is ready

Cut out the cutting board and make it yourself

Oil the wood with olive oil

Oil-clean wooden board tips ideas

The end result – cutting boards in three different sizes

three wooden cutting boards-make it yourself

Rustic cutting board made of solid wood – durable and beautiful

healthy dinner cheese tomatoes

Healthy dinner served on a wooden plate

Cutting board design idea

Heart shaped cutting board

Make cutting board original idea yourself

Prepare food – and serve on a wooden plate

Make your own cutting board serving table

Original idea – wooden cutting board with taffeta color

Designing the kitchen Keeping things tidy

Original and cute decoration will refresh even ordinary wooden cutting boards

cute decoration idea food design

This cutting board was cut in the shape of a state in the USA

creative wood cutting board ideas

Cozy dinner – wooden cutting board serves as a wooden plate for serving

Dinner creatively serving cheese