Designer sofa – royal furnishing ideas for living rooms from Italy

Royal style living room

We present you royal Furnishing ideas for living rooms – Designer sofas from one of the leading Italian furniture companies. Ville Venete is an Italian furniture manufacturer that has become known for its high quality classic furniture. The company specializes in the design of sofas, armchairs and stools that will surely fascinate all fans of traditional furnishings. The company recently launched a large collection of classic furniture. The focus is of course on the sofa designs.

Royal furnishing ideas for living rooms – timeless elegance

modern white classic sofa

The Italian company has thematically divided the sofa designs into four categories – lifestyle, classic, luxury and leather. The style is similar, with the difference that some sofas are more suitable for everyday use while others are more luxurious Furnishing ideas for living rooms that are better suited to hotels and lobbies. The designs were inspired by trends in the years 1900-1910 and are similar to the Art Deco style. They are upholstered with fine fabrics or high quality leather.

Classic furnishing ideas for living rooms – designer sofas from Italy

white armchair classic style floral pattern

The word classic is traditionally associated with timeless elegance and quality – and you can be sure that this noble piece of furniture will never go out of style and that it will go with any interior. The Company Ville Venete offers several options for upholstery for each model, so that everyone can choose their favorite design. The colors in these Furnishing ideas for living rooms are also traditional – white and beige with gold accents. Interesting floral patterns create contrasts. The sofas are skilfully combined with cushions, so that in the end a cozy piece of furniture is created that will surely bring joy to its owner for a long time.

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Black armchair in combination with a small side table

modern armchair design-classic interior design ideas

White sofa design in classic style

classic pieces of furniture-interior design ideas-living room

Leather sofa and wallpaper with classic patterns

Leather sofa design-brown classic interior

Gray armchair with plush upholstery

classic armchair-Italian furniture

Colorful pillows decorate the classic design

classic pieces of furniture sofa

Romantic floral pattern

classic furnishings

Golden color of the upholstery

golden sofa design

Photo wall in the living room

Photo wall sofa living room design idea

Interesting wall decals refresh the traditional color scheme

classic elegance living room sofa

Living room design – blue sofa set

Living room design home ideas

White sofa set

modern living room living ideas