Design your own wall sticker – instructions & inspiration

star wall decal design your own children's room bed closet shelf

A wall sticker is without question a really effective way to decorate a bare wall. It is very suitable if you want to change something in your bedroom, living room or even in the bathroom or kitchen without spending a lot of time painting the walls. But if you are already looking for a wall sticker, you will have noticed that these can often be very expensive in terms of price. But how would you like it if you could just keep your own Design your own wall sticker? That way, you can be sure that it is unique and you can proudly showcase your own work to your friends and relatives. And you also have various options to choose from. You can choose different motifs or a specific lettering. Wall tattoos made up of personal photos are just as effective.

Design your own wall sticker – join hexagons together

make wall decal yourself bathtub bathroom hexagon design

All you need, if you want to design a wall tattoo yourself, are a few inspirations, which we will give you through the following gallery, as well as label paper, a waterproof pen (e.g. a thin marker pen) and any color, as well is waterproof. Make sure that the latter matches the design of your interior. After all, the wall tattoo should ensure harmony.

Design your own wall sticker in the form of snowflakes

design your own wall decal snowflake white room deco

If you want to design the wall sticker yourself to decorate a children’s room, it is best to use light colors. A friendly atmosphere is very important in the children’s room.

Design your own wall sticker – Instructions

idea decoration children's room wall decal diy colorful dots

1. Then simply draw the selected motif or design on the label paper. Make sure, however, that you do not draw on the back of the paper, i.e. the side with the adhesive. If you have decided on the variant with the photos, you will need an adhesive with which you can stick them to the paper.

2. Design your own wall sticker – Now paint the paper with the color you selected. Depending on how strong the color should be, you can also apply several layers. Let the paint dry well.

Design your own wall tattoo – cut out the finished tattoo

scissors cut wall decal flower idea labels paper

3. Cut out the recorded design with scissors.

4. Design your own wall sticker – Remove the protective film on the back of the label and stick the finished wall sticker to the wall.

Stick the wall sticker on the wall

DIY wall decal stick on dot red make yourself

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a wall tattoo yourself. So if you want to redecorate one of your rooms the next time, you can easily design a personal wall sticker yourself. In the following we have put together a few examples of homemade wall tattoos for you. let yourself be inspired!

Tree with leaves as wall decals

tree mural diy nursery owl bed decoration

Wall sticker from a zebra

zebra wall sticker make yourself black stripes pink wall

Make cute wall tattoos for the nursery yourself

design your own wall decal children's room owl branches motifs

Design your own wall sticker – golden dots

dots wall design diy gold shelf apartment deco

Butterflies as a wall sticker for a girl’s room

decorate nursery wall decal yourself make pink butterflies

flower tulips wall decal design your own butterfly closet

sticker wall diy gears design tattoo decoration

do it yourself wall decal heart gold bedroom idea romantic

diy wall decal autumn leaves colorful living room idea

photo polaroid wall decal design your own heart wall decoration