Design your own kitchens – 5 types of kitchen cabinets


Design your own kitchens can be confusing and take a lot of nerves, especially choosing the right kitchen cabinet. Most people know the basic differences between the individual kitchen cabinet types until they are in the store. In order to choose the right doors, you need a bit of prior knowledge. First, ask yourself what you are doing in the kitchen – do you need door handles – modern door cabinets are as simple as possible, but that can make opening difficult. If you have small children, you should use a lock on the cupboards. The style in which your dream kitchen is furnished is also an important point, especially because you should decide on the appropriate door design.

Design your own kitchens – base units with frames


Design your own kitchens should be made according to the function and size of the kitchen. Anyone who opts for base cabinets with frames is a fan of classic furnishings – wooden cabinets with ornaments and a traditional or large French kitchen. The advantage of these cabinets is the solid wood, but it should be well painted or oiled so that the water does not damage it. The disadvantage of the system – if left untreated, the wood can bulge and it will be very difficult to open the door.

Design your own kitchens – wall cabinets with door handles

design practical-base-cupboards-green-kitchens yourself

These models are practical and comfortable, the cabinet doors are usually without a frame, but are still well fixed. They look comfortable and modern, and can be found in the market from inexpensive materials. The door hinge should be very stable, otherwise you will have problems with it later – the door only sticks to it. In addition, choose the right place for the door handle – preferably in the middle of the cabinet, opposite the door hinge – so that you do not damage the door when you open it. Design your own kitchens is a task that requires careful planning.

Design your own kitchens – built-in cupboards

elegant-modern-kitchen-counter-built-in cupboards

If you have a modern interior, you should opt for built-in wardrobes. The advantage – they look very good, are mostly in strong colors and have a glossy surface, and offer enough space for the microwave, the oven, the refrigerator. Design your own kitchens is easy in this case, especially because the kitchen manufacturers usually offer a planner program and you can design your dream kitchen according to the dimensions. In addition, a modern kitchen always looks tidy. In any case, there is the disadvantage that the door handles are completely missing in a modern kitchen.

Design your own kitchens – modern kitchen fronts with door handles

Kitchen-built-in-cupboards-door-handles-design it yourself

It is best that you opt for a modern kitchen front with door handles. This way you will achieve a good combination of style and functionality. There is even the possibility that your kitchen cabinets are fitted with slide rails.

We have selected a few examples for you in order to get a more precise idea of ​​the cabinet types.

Traditional kitchen cabinets


Traditional kitchen cabinets with ornaments traditional-kitchen-cabinets-select

Green built-in wardrobes in the kitchen

Kitchen shelves built-in wardrobes

Built-in cupboards with glass front

modern-red-built-in cupboards-glass front kitchen

Good placement of the door handles